Melania Trump & Ivanka As 'Real Housewives'? Bethenny Frankel Analyzes Donald Trump's Wife & Daughter

Joanne Eglash

Long before Donald Trump's name was even whispered as a possible contender for the White House, his fame soared when he turned his talents to reality TV with The Apprentice. Celebrity Apprentice helped transform Trump into a celebrity himself, along with his older children such as Ivanka Trump. While the Trump family's participation in the show (as well as the ratings) ceased with Donald's bid for President of the United States, some feel that certain members of the famous clan could still qualify as reality TV contenders.

When it comes to the Trump family's women, could Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump qualify as potential candidates for the Real Housewives franchise? Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) star Bethenny Frankel talked with the Sydney Morning Herald about whether Melania and Ivanka measure up to Real Housewives standards. The publication also responded to speculation that Ivanka and Melania have been invited to star or be guests on RHONY.

"Melania and Ivanka Trump haven't been asked to join the [Real Housewives] reality television series...Even before any talk of Donald Trump's White House bid, you'd think [Melania and Ivanka] would have been a shoo-in."
"Melania doesn't have the right personality. She is completely closed off. She is extremely strategic so she won't be caught with her hair down."

Although Donald Trump has continued to stay in the news with the latest on the Stormy Daniels scandal, Bethenny feels that Melania and Ivanka's proximity to the scandal doesn't qualify them. Frankel hinted that she doesn't see Melania or Ivanka as sufficiently intriguing.

"People might be in The [New York] Post for some crazy divorce, but if they are not compelling and interesting it just doesn't matter, nobody really cares," pointed out Frankel.

"Marla was always really nice, I met her years ago and I remember her telling me that Trump did not participate in [Tiffany's] life."

"[The best reality TV stars] don't hide things. Anytime you hide things on camera, it will come out, it will come back to bite you and it will be far worse than it ever would have been if you had just owned it, as you say."

And while Donald Trump has been accused by some of trying to hide issues, Bethenny promises that the new season of RHONY won't hide anything from viewers. Skinnygirl founder Frankel said that RHONY is "really meaty, there is no fat." And she also shared that she agrees with Andy that the comedic aspect of the show makes it delightful.

"I crave the interaction and the comedy," added Bethenny. "I have so many businesses and it's a wonderful platform and I get paid handsomely, so I'm lucky."