TLC Releases 'Counting On' Preview -- Duggar Family Returns To TV This Summer

Steph Bazzle

The Duggar family has been showcasing their lives on TLC for more than a decade, through scandal and triumph. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar first appeared with their family on television when they had only 14 children. This year, they are expected to reach at least a dozen grandchildren, and in the new preview, there are hints at more to come. One Duggar sister drops a hint that she may be announcing another child, and another wedding may be in the works.

Counting On, the reboot of 19 Kids & Counting that emerged after Josh Duggar was revealed to be the subject of a police report, accused of molesting underage children, and discovered to be holding secret accounts on a dating site devoted to extramarital affairs, returns this summer, and the previews suggest that the new season will be full of baby announcements.

Who can we expect to make an announcement this season?

Joy Duggar Forsyth had her first child, Gideon, in February, but because of the way the show runs behind real time, it's likely that her pregnancy announcement will be part of the new season. Joy is seen in the preview having an ultrasound, so her pregnancy will definitely be a subject of the show.

Kendra (nee Caldwell) Duggar is 31 weeks pregnant with a baby due in June, according to the Duggar Family Blog. She and her husband, Joe Duggar, recently did an elaborate "gender reveal," so that may be featured this season. What's definitely included? In the preview, Kendra is seen announcing her pregnancy to the Duggar family.

However, Duggar grandchild No. 12 may not be the last who's already in the plans. In the preview clip, Jessa Duggar Seewald is seen talking to her husband Ben about how life will be with a third child "by the end of four years." The couple will have their fourth anniversary in November, so that's a strong hint that there's an announcement coming.

Jim Bob Duggar has previously declared his desire for 100 grandchildren, so the number of kids by the end of this season marks barely a start toward his goal.

Josiah Duggar announced his engagement to Lauren Swanson last month, and since the Duggar family is known for short engagements, a wedding likely isn't too far in the distance. Duggar fans have already picked up on clues that they think place the wedding date -- and their guess is very soon. Whether or not his wedding makes it into this season, Josiah Duggar's relationship is featured. The preview includes a clip of Josiah asking Lauren to "take the next step" -- presumably into engagement.

Kendra and Joe Duggar's honeymoon will also be part of the show. Kendra and Joe are seen discussing what it's like to be able to be alone together for the first time now that they're married.

Who won't be appearing on the show? Josh Duggar, who was removed from the family's reality series after revelations of his police report, is not expected to appear. Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick are also expected to stay off-camera. TLC announced in November that Derick would no longer be on the Duggar family's reality show, and Derick has since declared that he decided his whole family should cut ties with the network.

While the Duggar family is slated to return to television for a summer season, the exact release date has not yet been announced.