November 9, 2016
'I Am A Belieber,' Declares Fans, We're 'Sorry' We Ever Judged You

I have to admit. I was one of the people in Justin Bieber's early years who doubted this upstart pop star had anything to offer but plastic, prepubescent, sad, overproduced milquetoast, that mulch pulp our teenagers listen to before discovering Pink Floyd, Metallica, or Nirvana.

On behalf of fans, old and new alike, who ever doubted you, we are sorry Justin, for ever doubting you. I still can't bring myself to like the early stuff, but this kid has lived some tough moments, all played out in the media, giving himself an opportunity to re-examine his life and produce music that speaks to a more imperfect soul, which somehow expresses simultaneous suffering and love.

In the United Kingdom, Justin Bieber has had three number one hits in the top five over the last two weeks. His popularity has skyrocketed and new fans abound, both young and the previously-skeptical old, have come to appreciate the bold new style and character of this young boy who has grown up and shown us all that our teasing and hating was wrong.

Here are just a few of the scandals the Bieber is alleged to have been involved in.

These stories are shocking, but this has not stopped the production of a string of singles which have proved that no matter how much hate people had for Justin Beiber, he is proving that his talent and cynical, yet human, expression of life, is taking his reputation to veteran A-List material.

Here are some positive images of Justin Bieber as he enjoys his newfound status as a male pop music heavy weight.

Justin Bieber on Instagram:

Bieber's personal life
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Bieber proud
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Bieber in the sunset
[Image by Justin Bieber / Instagram]Justin Bieber, you are a real person underneath what many people saw as privilege, but your story goes much deeper, with love, rejection and confusion over the two haunting you and most certainly inspiring the single "Love Yourself," in which Justin Bieber clearly speaks to the fact that looks to him are not as important as genuine love.

Justin, we can relate to this, the feeling when someone lets you down when they are so concerned with themselves, but not with what you bring to their life. The old and the young can relate to feeling used, like the other person needs to look away from the mirror and at the life around the romance.

And we can all relate to your other hit single, "What do you mean?," in which the classic tale of someone telling you to go, but grabbing you tight at the same moment. It is, as Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet, "such sweet sorrow." Justin Bieber tells this fateful story of love so well in this single exploring the intricacies of romantic relationships.
"First you wanna go to the leftand then you want to turnrightWanna argue all day makelove all night."
So many of us can all relate to this story, the mixed messages of love, again wanting to know where you stand with someone and why that person wants intimacy when they want it, but push you away the next moment. We know from these lyrics and the upbeat style of music that Justin Bieber genuinely wants to know, and we can see underneath that he loves the one who confuses him.

Does this music relate to Justin's personal life, particularly in his media spin fling pre-romance with Selena Gomez?

We know now that, no matter what you think of the man Justin Bieber, his music has definitely matured and reflects a life of pain and questions, one that is hardly as easily led as some would believe. It is Justin Bieber's search for meaning that has ironically brought him a reputation for being plastic. I, for one, say, "I'm Sorry" Justin, and I am now a Belieber.
[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]