Eric Lee Ramsay: Accused Rapist Posts ‘I’m About To Be Shot’ On Facebook Before Police Kill Him

Eric Lee Ramsey had time to make one final prophetic Facebook post before he was shot and killed by police: “Well folkes im about to get shot [sic]. Peace”

Ramsey was accused of kidnapping and raping a college student on Wednesday. Police said the 30-year-old forced a student from Central Michigan University to get into her car at 9:30 pm, then made her drive to a residence where he bound her with duct tape and sexually assaulted her, Michigan Live reported.

Afterward he force her back into the car, and police said Eric Lee Ramsey then threatened to kill the woman. She jumped out of the car, which also had two cans of gasoline in it, and ran to a nearby home for help. The person at the home let her in the house, and she called 911 at 10:05 pm, The Huffington Post noted.

“She’s the hero in all this,” said CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley said of the rape victim. “She’s a strong individual.”

It was then that Eric Lee Ramsey apparently began spraying gasoline outside the home, lighting it on fire. The homeowners put out the fire.

Michigan state troopers then searched for Ramsey, finding him behind the wheel of the SUV. He ran the car into the police cruiser, injuring the driver and rendering his car unable to give chase.

But police again caught up with Eric Lee Ramsay when he dumped the SUV and stole a sanitation truck. He again rammed a sheriff’s deputy’s car head on.

The incident ended between 4 am and 5 am, when police shot and killed Eric Lee Ramsey not long after his Facebook post was made.