‘Mad About You’ Revival: Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser Officially Sign On

Brian Ach/John ShearerAP Images

Mad About You is officially coming back to television. The show’s stars, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, have signed on to reprise the characters of Paul and Jamie Buchman, a quirky New York couple that you can’t help but love.

According to an April 12 report by TVLine, the Mad About You revival has been talked about for months, but nothing was set in stone until Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt made it official this week.

Mad About You creator Danny Jacobson has also signed on to return to the series. The show ran on NBC from 1992-1999 and was very popular among fans. Helen Hunt won four straight Emmys for her work on the series, which ended with a bit of a controversial series finale. While the revival currently doesn’t have a network attached to it, fans are expecting the show to be picked up to rival other popular revivals of 90s shows such as Roseanne, Will & Grace, and Fuller House.

In the final episode of Mad About You, the series flashed forward to Paul and Jamie’s daughter, Mabel, then played by Janeane Garofalo, at the age of 23. Mabel had made a movie about her family’s history. During the episode, it is revealed that on the couple’s eighth wedding anniversary, they find out they’re not legally married. They end up officially tying the knot on that day in order to have the same anniversary, but the marriage doesn’t last.

Mad About You fans eventually see that Mabel’s documentary reveals that Paul and Jamie ended up separated due to many factors, including a miscarriage and growing apart. However, when the couple see each other again for a screening of one of Mabel’s films, the family, including Paul’s cousin Ira, plot to get the pair back together. Paul and Jamie are forced to sit next to one another and find out that they still have their same old chemistry. They end up back together, and Mabel reveals her father never leaves her mother again.

It’s currently unclear whether any of these storylines will appear in the Mad About You revival. However, many fans are excited to see Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser back as Paul and Jamie Buchman in the near future.