'Sea Of Thieves' Plans 6 Free Content Updates Through 2018 Plus Weekly Events Starting In May

Scott Grill

Sea of Thieves has been out only three weeks for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, but pirates have been intensely interested in new content for the open sea multiplayer title. Rare announced Friday its content plans for the game through the rest of 2018, including six free content updates plus weekly events.

Rare is not going into specifics about what the new threat is because the studio wants players to go uncover it themselves in-game. Players will have a timed event with a goal where they will have to work with other crews to discover the new threat. Neate also alluded to the introduction of new ways for crews to communicate with one another.

Everything introduced as part of the timed event will remain as part of Sea of Thieves once the timed event ends. This will also signal the start of weekly events in the game.

The weekly events will introduce new mechanics and events in the existing game world to encourage players to discover areas of the world that have not necessarily been utilized to their fullest yet and earn exclusive rewards plus help players progress with certain alliances. One example mentioned by Rare is underwater caves and reefs where an NPC could send players on a quest to find lost treasure. Another one is skeleton thrones scattered around the world for players to find.

Rare is once again trying to keep details of the new AI threat and new ship type a mystery. The only hint given is that it will introduce new rewards and new mechanics.

The third content drop, Forsaken Shores, will come later in the summer and introduce a new area for players to explore. This will be a "more perilous" part of the world that includes yet another new AI threat that is themed around that area. The only hint at what it might be is describing the new content as "more fantastical."

Three more major content updates will arrive in the fall and winter for Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, Rare was even more secretive with these, as it did not reveal even the names.