Rod Rosenstein Expects To Be Fired: Deputy AG Tells Confidants He’s Prepared, At Peace, Reports ‘NBC News’

Win McNameeGetty Images

People have been buzzing about whether President Donald Trump may work to have special counsel Robert Mueller fired, and many expect that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be central in the president’s quest. According to NBC News, Rosenstein is not particularly flustered by Trump’s attacks toward him and is reportedly telling those close to him that he is at peace with the possibility that he may soon be fired.

NBC News details that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein remains confident that he did the right thing in recommending that former FBI Director James Comey be fired last spring. In addition, sources tell the outlet that Rosenstein seems to now be taking Trump’s criticisms in stride, no longer letting himself feel upset or anxious about the pressure and negativity directed at him.

If Trump were to fire Rosenstein, many see it as primarily a strategy to get to someone in a position who would be willing to fire Mueller. According to Reuters, Solicitor General Noel Francisco would be the next in line to oversee the Mueller investigation, since Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand has resigned. Many are bracing themselves for something of a repeat of Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre,” although it is not known when or if the president will actually make similar moves and fire Rosenstein to try to get to Mueller.

Sources reveal that during recent private conversations, Rosenstein has repeatedly made reference to a quote attributed to Martin Luther, “Here I stand, I can do no other.” Rosenstein reportedly is certain he has fulfilled his duties with integrity and that, ultimately, history will support the actions he has taken.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two people who have recently talked to Trump got the impression that both Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions would soon be fired. Reports also detail that the White House has connected with outside supporters and encouraged them to speak out against both Rosenstein and Mueller’s investigation, apparently to generate negativity toward Rosenstein and Mueller without it appearing to come from the White House.

Social media is buzzing over what comes next if Trump does fire Rosenstein. Many progressives, like those following the Indivisible efforts, are spreading the word that if Rosenstein is fired, people need to immediately take to the streets in peaceful protest. Reuters shares that progressive groups like Move On have already been rallying supporters and at least 800 “Nobody Is Above the Law” demonstrations across the country have been tentatively planned.

It is expected that the president and his administration will soon announce a strategy for dealing with the alleged chemical attack in Syria and some wonder if President Trump might use the situation in Syria as a distraction for firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. With Mueller’s investigation progressing and Trump reportedly being irate over the recent raid of attorney Michael Cohen’s home and office, millions are watching closely to see where things head next.