‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers Week Of April 16: Liam Moves In With Hope, Bill Begs Steffy To Be His

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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of April 16 through 20 from this week’s soap magazines reveal that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) takes a shocking step in a new direction while Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) once again sets tongues wagging with his erratic behavior. When it looks like Dollar Bill is taking the high road, that’s when everyone should be on their guard. The action on B&B this week focuses primarily on Hope, Liam, Steffy, and Bill, with a few extra Forresters thrown in for good measure. Plus there’s the Taylor bombshell!

B&B Spoilers, Monday, April 16

Next week on Bold, spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) handles the news well that Liam shot his dad. However, it also makes clear to Steffy that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) was right and Steffy sleeping with Bill set these events in motion. Liam is sickened by his actions, but Steffy pledges to stand by her man. That’s the same promise that Hope made, so Liam’s got a tough choice ahead.

Bill’s insistence that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) isn’t the shooter seems to have cleared up any suspicions about the dressmaker. But Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge wonder why Dollar Bill went out of his way to make sure the LAPD knows that Ridge wasn’t the perpetrator. Under normal circumstances, Bill would have left Ridge twisting in the wind, so Brooke and Ridge want to know what ulterior motives Bill is hiding. Bill is now protecting Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), but how long will that last?

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers, Tuesday, April 17

On Tuesday, B&B spoilers indicate that Steffy has a favor to ask of her father-in-law and one-night-stand lover. Steffy is still committed to Liam and wants to protect him from Bill’s implied threat of prison. Bill is playing nice for the moment, but things may change now that Bill knows something Liam doesn’t – that Taylor shot him! Dollar Bill is not the forgiving type and isn’t sure he wants to do what Steffy asks, mainly if it helps her get back with Liam. Bill wants Steffy to be his and could use the secret her mom shot him to leverage her.

Other Bold spoilers say that now that Liam came clean with Steffy about the shooting, he feels like they both made bad choices and he wonders if he can forgive her and put their marriage back together. Hope is there for him, and she’s made it clear she loves him. But with both Steffy and Hope pressuring him to choose them, Liam can’t take the strain. He still needs to get that brain scan! Hope is stunned when Liam pushes back and tells her to leave him alone and let him think. Liam needs to figure out he’s innocent.

B&B Spoilers, Wednesday, April 18

At midweek, Steffy presses Bill to do what she asked, and he makes a promise, but it seems unlikely he’ll stand by his word. Bill wants Liam to choose Hope and walk away from Steffy. He’s counting on Steffy choosing him by default which is a pretty sad move for a man who’s accustomed to women fighting over him. Steffy wields her influence over Bill and thinks she’s gotten her way, but it’s probably not going to work out as she wants. Bill’s blackmail threats are still in effect.

Meanwhile, when Steffy goes back to him with an update that she leveraged his dad, Liam’s reaction isn’t quite what she expected. Liam is grateful that Steffy is so accepting, but he doesn’t believe that he might be innocent. Liam lets Steffy know how much her loyalty means and Steffy feels confident she’s about to win back her husband. But this love triangle won’t die so quickly. Remember Liam kissed Hope passionately and there’s also the fact that she never shagged his dad.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers, Thursday, April 19

Towards the end of next week, Hope confides in Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) about her feelings for Liam. Maya and the rest of the family know about Steffy cheating with her father-in-law, so Hope’s not revealing information that isn’t already public knowledge. Maya is stunned to hear that Hope wants to win Liam from Steffy. This information might play into Maya’s hands. Don’t forget that Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) wants Ridge out of the CEO chair and this dirt might help his cause.

Bold spoilers hint that Liam does some serious soul searching the week of April 16-20 about all the relationships in his life. He’s not just considering which woman is best for him but is also thinking about his father. Bill finally admits that he’s been a shady son-of-a-gun by sleeping with Steffy. Bill has no excuse – he wasn’t even drunk. Liam rethinks how he feels about his dad in light of Bill’s admission of wrongdoing. But even if Liam and Bill reconcile, Steffy is another matter.

B&B Spoilers, Friday, April 20

As the week closes out, Bold spoilers reveal that Hope keeps waffling. She wanted to respect Liam’s marriage, but then didn’t care, then bounced back again. But on Friday, April 20, Hope tells Liam that she wants to be with him. She wants him free from the drama surrounding Steffy and Bill. What’s most shocking, according to CBS Soaps in Depth, is that Hope asks Liam to leave the crummy hotel and move in with her – and he says yes! Steffy will be floored, but Bill should be thrilled.

Meanwhile, CBS stunned fans with the surprise return of Taylor. She confronted Bill and confessed to the shooting, but what’s next? Will Taylor confess to the cops too? Bill might use this knowledge to convince Steffy to be with him. Last, Katie Logan (Heather Tom) admits to Brooke that she and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) called off their engagement under pressure from Bill, but reveals she’s going to keep seeing him on the sly.

Catch up now on B&B scoop on the lingering rumor that Liam didn’t shoot Bill, but has been tricked to believe he’s guilty. Watch CBS weekdays for new episodes and check back here often for new The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.