Elizabeth Hurley's Son Surges In Online Searches -- Damian Hurley Has One 'Proud Mummy'

Online searches for Elizabeth Hurley's only child have suddenly surged after 16-year-old Damian Hurley was recently thrust into the headlines. The data from Google Trends indicated that Damian Hurley had been a hot-button topic over the last few weeks.

His famous mom, who is the actress and bikini model Elizabeth Hurley, recently revealed some advice she gave her pride and joy as he follows her Hollywood footsteps. Damian has worked alongside his mom in the last two seasons of her hit show, The Royals.

In an interview with Hello Magazine, Elizabeth Hurley described how Damian is right at home on the set and very comfortable. When asked if she gave him any pointers before embarking on an acting career, she revealed that she had.

She told her son "not to be annoying" along with the tip, "learn your lines." Elizabeth, who calls herself a "proud mummy" was happy to say he accomplished both those pointers she gave to her son.

"The only advice I gave him was to learn his lines and not be annoying, both of which he managed with aplomb. I'm a proud mummy."
Damian Hurley turned 16 at the beginning of this month, and he posed for a photo celebrating the milestone birthday with his famous mom. In the weeks leading up to his birthday, he was suddenly thrust into some controversial headlines. Then, when that birthday picture was posted, it also came with controversy concerning his mom. Whether that publicity was seen as good or bad, it really didn't seem to matter -- Damian has become an infatuation to the masses.Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram page has become a popular destination for the masses as the 52-year-old actress has slews of bikini-clad photos of herself posted to that account. They say in Hollywood -- "any publicity is good publicity," whether it be good or bad. Unfortunately for Hurley's son, his first big surge of online attention came when his mom made a reveal that some online trolls found "disturbing."

Hurley was talking about her many bikini pictures online and revealed that while she takes many selfies, her son Damian also photographs her in some poses. This caused some backlash as one camp emerged online calling this mother-son activity "inappropriate." Then when Hurley posted a photo of her and her son on his birthday, that camp appeared again. This time it was for the plunging neckline Hurley sported in the picture.

With all this going on, more and more folks started searching "Damian Hurley" as people wanted to know about this very handsome young man. Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram page has been visited by the masses, which is evident by the astronomical numbers in "Likes" and "Comments" posted to her photos on that page. Now her son's page is emerging as a destination as well.It appears Damian Hurley's Instagram page has followed in the footsteps of his mum's Instagram page when it comes to drawing in visitors. This week the mainstream media sites suddenly started reporting on a picture Damian posted on his online account. It was a picture of Damian sitting between his mom, who appears to be donning a French maid costume, and Joan Collins dressed as a Queen, which can be seen below. Damian is in regular street clothes for this picture, which was taken on the set of The Royals.

Damian uploaded the picture to Instagram and gave it a caption -- "The Unholy Trinity." The Sun suggested that Damian didn't appear uncomfortable at all sandwiched between his mom in her very "saucy" outfit and her co-star Dame Joan Collins. The Sun, along with the Daily Mail and several other media sites reported on this photo from various angles.

While the Sun seemed to have a positive spin on the photo, the Daily Mail's headline blared -- "Not again Mum! Elizabeth Hurley won't spare her son's blushes by posing next to him wearing a saucy housemaid's outfit." But as the Sun reported, it was Damian who posted that picture to his account, so apparently, he wanted to share it with the masses.