Wire: Sigster Launches Urban War, First True Cross-Platform Social MMORPG

Scottsdale, Arizona (Inquisitr Wire) – Sigster, LLC. announces the release of Urban War, the first true cross-platform social game that offers users a full-fledged in-game social network with a single account across multiple platforms including Facebook, Myspace, UrbanWar.com, and soon to be released on the iPhone. The consistency across multiple platforms and devices combined with a simpler user interface makes it extremely convenient and easy to navigate, but almost impossible to quit.

Urban War is a fast paced strategic role-playing game that will challenge the instincts to exist in a world laid to waste by greed and violence. Players join and grow their factions by engaging in conflict, creating alliances, completing missions, and mastering advanced technologies to climb their way up the leader boards and gain rule over the city.

With Urban War’s buy or earn achievement points system, players can accumulate achievement points free of charge to advance their character by simply playing the game, successfully completing missions, unlocking special bonuses and much more. For players that want to accelerate the advancement of their character, the purchase of achievement points is also an option.

Intuitive navigation, a comprehensive user interface, and a unique graphical player guide enhance the player experience for social media game veterans and novices alike.

Urban War is by far the most user-friendly online social game available to players today and a fresh innovative alternative to existing cookie cutter games that currently dominate the space.

“The online social gaming space is booming right now, and I felt it was time someone needed to take social games to a whole new level. By providing players with a consistent gaming experience across a number of different platforms and devices plus rewarding them with countless ways to earn free achievement points we believe Sigster and Urban War will raise the bar and satisfy the loftier expectations of gamers today. Quite simply, Urban War is the next evolution of how social games will be played.” – says Eric Signorile, the CEO and founder of Sigster.

The game is available for immediate play at , http://apps.facebook.com/urbanwar, http://www.myspace.com/506070284