Michael C. Hall Open To Revisiting ‘Dexter,’ Star Looking For New Ideas To Bring Serial Killer Back

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It’s been nearly five years since the season finale of Dexter aired on Showtime, but fans are still hoping that the crime drama will make a return. The demand for Dexter Season 9 has been so great that a fan-made poster found its way into social media and kick-started rumors that the show will be back soon. Although it’s been revealed that Dexter Morgan’s series will not be getting another season, Michael C. Hall has spoken up about the possibility of reprising his role as the murderous forensic technician.

There is little doubt that the final season of Dexter hinted at the possibility of the serial killer’s return. After all, Dexter Morgan had evidently faked his own death in “Remember The Monsters?” after disposing of his sister Debra’s body. With the blood splatter analyst still alive and hiding under a new identity, there is a possibility that he could be off to several new adventures. Luckily, Michael C. Hall has admitted to Variety that he is open to reprising his role in Dexter Season 9 if it ever happens.

Michael C. Hall might be busy promoting his new Netflix series, Safe, but he continues fielding questions about a possible Dexter Season 9. Nevertheless, the Six Feet Under actor would like to revisit Dexter Morgan depending on the direction the show will take.

“I have just yet to, for my part, imagine or hear someone else’s idea that makes it feel worth doing, but never say never.”

But what could possibly happen in Dexter Season 9? There were previous reports that the show could finally focus on Debra Morgan. However, Showtime president David Nevins told IGN that the series should continue with Dexter Morgan’s story and that the new season “would have to involve Michael [C. Hall].” Hopefully, the network will find a way to bring Hall back with an interesting new storyline for his beloved character.

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Dexter Season 9 might not be a reality just yet but that doesn’t mean Michael C. Hall has been laying low. In addition to his recent portrayal of John F. Kennedy in The Crown Season 2, the actor will play Abraham Lincoln’s advisor, Leonard Swett, in the upcoming film, The Gettysburg Address. His new series, Safe, will premiere on Netflix on May 10.