‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Turns Sausage Reviewer On Instagram

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

On Instagram, fans of Sophie Turner have enjoyed seeing images of her playing with her direwolf-like dog, holidaying with friends in exotic locations, or joyously lip-syncing to a Taylor Swift song. Now they have a chance to indulge in another one of her passions – sausages.

The British actress, best known for her role as Sansa Stark in the highly popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, recently set up a new Instagram account, @sophiessausagereviews, which is totally dedicated to sausages of all shapes and sizes that she had eaten on her travels worldwide.

“Passionate Bout The Saus” is the short but to-the-point bio written for Turner’s new Instagram account which was started about a week ago. With seven posts so far, the 22-year-old would describe a sausage that she has eaten somewhere on her travels and rate it on a scale of one to 10. The account has since chalked up 37,500 followers (and counting).

The first review was a sausage that the natural blonde ate at Heathrow Airport in London, England. Her verdict went, “#nofilter London, England. A classic Cumberland. Juicy on the bite. Skin not too tough. Around the size of my middle finger: perfect. However I might have liked the skin to be a little crispier. For what it is….. Result: 7/10.”

And, as pictures of Turner and her fiancé, American singer Joe Jonas, having fun in Disneyland in Anaheim, California popped up elsewhere online, it was understandable that the Northampton native would have a sausage from the happiest place on earth reviewed as well.

The fancy offering from Disney California Adventure Park, however, failed to impress Turner. In the accompanying caption, she wrote, “#nofilter Disneyland, Los Angeles. Wild boar crepinette and Spanish cured sausage. More like pulled meat in texture. The taste itself is delicious, however… can I even call this a sausage? I think not. 2/10. Disneyland was fab tho.”

Judging by the comments, Turner’s sausage-dedicated Instagram account has been enthusiastically given the thumbs-up by her personal fans and sausage aficionados alike with many urging her to try sausages beyond England and the US of A. From Germany to Sweden, Spain to Hungary, many commentators have also been leaving tips and suggestions for the actress on where is the next best place for her to try what they reckoned are the best sausages in the world!

The fact that the Game of Thrones regular is passionate about sausages shouldn’t come as a surprise, at least not to her ardent fans. According to Elle UK, Turner gushed in an interview last year about just how she truly love weiners of all kinds.

“I love sausages. Like, I eat sausage all the time. Obviously it’s preferably chicken sausage because [it’s healthier] but if I can get away with eating pork sausage I will. Love love love sausage! Tell the world!”

If that doesn’t convince people that Sophie Turner is really the owner of @sophiessausagereviews, well, the actress herself has been putting up Instagram stories via her personal Instagram account (@sophiet) in the past week, informing fans when a new sausage review is up and asking them to follow the “meaty” account.

If singer Lorde can have an account dedicated to onion rings (albeit since deleted according to The Sun), there’s absolutely no reason why Sophie Turner can’t have an account devoted to sausages on Instagram. Especially when her followers are totally up for it. Who knows? The talented lass might even make it as a professional sausage reviewer in future!

Last seen in the dramatic thriller Josie, Turner’s next big screen role is in the much-anticipated X-Men: Dark Phoenix due out February 14, 2019, while the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is expected in Spring 2019.