Kendall Jenner Inspires Women To Get Plastic Surgery For ‘Designer Nipples’

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Some women are such huge fans of model and TV star Kendall Jenner that they are stealing her look, particularly her “pokies.” According to a plastic surgeon in New York City, a number of his female clients are getting surgery for “designer nipples” to look more like Jenner, according to the New York Post.

Dr. Norman Rowe of Rowe Plastic Surgery on Park Avenue, says business is booming as more and more women are coming in to have surgery on their nipples. The procedure mainly gives the patients firmer nipples so they show more through their clothing. In other words, they get the “high beam or headlight look” that’s always seen on the 22-year-old Jenner.

To get the Kendall Jenner look, Rowe injects fillers into the areola. This basic “designer nipples” procedure, which costs $700, will keep the nipples perky for up to two years. Rowe compares the procedure to getting Botox.

“The filler I use lasts about two years, now to put that in perspective, let’s say Botox, which we generally, obviously, treat the face with. Most women get that three to four times a year, so that lasts about three to four months,” Rowe said.

The rate rises if a patient undergoes other procedures, such as changing the size of the areola and the nipples by making them larger or smaller depending on the client’s preference. The surgeon can also alter the color of the areola from darker to lighter and vice versa.

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In a video posted on the New York Post site, a 28-year-old female client explained that she loves that Kendall Jenner doesn’t wear a bra, yet her nipples are not thoroughly exposed.

“You can’t see her nipples but you can see the pointiness,” the patient said. “I think there’s something really sexy and feminine about it.”

The client further said that her nipples never get hard and “it would be really cool to just have protruding nipples all the time.”

“I don’t have nipples so, yeah, just to be able to constantly feel like a woman with my proud protruding nipples would be amazing.”

Rowe pointed out that celebrities such as Kendall Jenner are the main reasons why women are patronizing his “designer nipples” procedure.

“They see celebrities wearing these sheer dresses and they would like to emulate and mimic that type of clothing and they want their nipples and the areola to be presentable,” Rowe said in explaining the current plastic surgery trend.


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Rowe thinks having prominent nipples has become a popular look and that many women would like to follow that trend, which actually started becoming popular last year.

According to a Huffington Post report published in November, 2017, there was a 30 percent increase in patients going under the knife for the “designer nipples” cosmetic trend. At the time, Rowe noticed that his weekly patients quadrupled in a span of just six months.

He also credits technological advancement for the rise in female patients wanting firmer nipples. The surgeon also alluded to the “Bra Burning” form of protest, which women used to fight for equal rights in the 1960s.

“With plastic surgery and the advances we’re making every day, it is possible to have perfection,” the plastic surgeon said. “So I think a lot of patients are coming in with the intent of, you know, burning their bras. It really depends on what procedure the patient needs.”