San Francisco 49ers’ LB Reuben Foster Officially Charged With Domestic Assault — Remains On The Niners

Marcio Jose SanchezAP Images

Trouble continues to build for San Francisco 49ers’ linebacker Reuben Foster. The second-year pro was one of the 49ers’ best tacklers, however, Reuben Foster has more concerning factors in his life.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Reuben Foster has officially been charged with felony domestic violence, along with three additional charges. If convicted, Foster could see some considerable prison time. A maximum of 11 years would all but end Reuben Foster’s playing career. Some have already suggested that Foster’s time on the football field must be placed on hold.

Each charge Reuben Foster faces stems from an altercation involving the 49ers’ defensive stalwart and his 28-year-old girlfriend. The reported assault took place in mid-February. Foster allegedly ruptured his girlfriend’s eardrum after repeatedly punching her, according to He was taken into custody on February 11.

Reuben Foster’s arrest for domestic violence marked the second time that he has been in trouble with the law since the San Francisco 49ers took him with the No. 31 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Incredibly enough, Reuben Foster was arrested for a marijuana charge in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, according to ESPN. The misdemeanor offense happened in January.

Whether or not other NFL teams had fears that Reuben Foster came with some red flags have gone unproven. Foster experienced a remarkable fall down the draft boards last April. He was originally regarded as a top-10 draft prospect.

What is just as remarkable is the fact that the San Francisco 49ers have yet to part ways with Reuben Foster. He is currently still in the 49ers’ plans going forward.

Much of that may have plenty to do with the San Francisco 49ers allowing the process to play itself out before parting ways with Reuben Foster. Also, with the NFL Draft approaching in less than two weeks, the 49ers might be waiting to take someone who can replace him.

Reuben Foster has a ton of talent. That fact is something that goes unquestioned. Perhaps the San Francisco 49ers’ are hoping that Foster’s criminal troubles somehow get behind him. If so, the 49ers can capitalize on Reuben Foster’s abilities for as long as they can. Whatever their justifications are to hold onto Foster, the San Franciso 49ers are taking a lot of heat. And it is justified.

Keeping Reuben Foster on the roster has become an unpopular decision across the NFL, and also amongst fans and observers.

The San Francisco 49ers’ decision to keep Reuben Foster has also drawn criticism based on how NFL teams have handled former Niners’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick just a year ago.

There is still time for the San Francisco 49ers to save face and walk away from Reuben Foster, however, it could wind up being terrible for their locker room. As of now, there is a growing sentiment that the 49ers have made a bad move in keeping Foster. As things play out in the courtroom, the 49ers may find themselves with only one option.

In the hearts and minds of some, the hope is that the San Francisco 49ers just prefer for the process to offer closure. Reuben Foster’s time with the 49ers might still be numbered. As well as his brief NFL tenure.