Alleged Insider Comments On The Rumors That Josiah Duggar Is Gay, Reports ‘The Hollywood Gossip’

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Rumors have swirled around the internet for years that Josiah Duggar, the eighth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is gay and hiding it. While Josiah announced his engagement to Lauren Swanson not too long ago, the rumor still persisted, and many stated that Josiah was just using Lauren to cover up his secret. While being gay is not the end of the world for most modern people, the Duggar family heavily looks down on it as a “sin.” While it is confirmed that Michelle Duggar’s sister is a lesbian, fans are aware that the mega-family might not be so accepting if one of their children came out.

While rumors of Josiah’s sexuality have gained some traction, a recent alleged former Duggar employee spoke on the subject, saying that he or she doesn’t believe that Josiah Duggar is gay. While he says he is most definitely one of the more rebellious Duggar children, he does not believe his sexuality deviates from what is expected of him.

The reality TV star has been featured on the family’s show 19 Kids and Counting for a large portion of his life, and has been seen as a “talking head” and in the background of their spin-off, Counting On. However, it appears he will have more of a focus on him in the episodes to debut this summer as it explores his courtship and engagement to fiancee, Lauren Swanson.

Lauren Swanson joined Josiah Duggar and his family on a trip to New Zealand and Australia, where the mega-family shared their testimony to churches in addition to speaking about their celebrity. The pair announced they were courting while in New Zealand and then announced their engagement not long afterward. The pair had only been courting for a few weeks when Josiah announced he and Lauren were planning to tie the knot. Thus far, this is the shortest Duggar courtship, with his eldest brother Josh’s being the longest at two years.

Josiah Duggar and his fiancee may have set a date for their wedding, but like the last couple of Duggar weddings, it is likely it isn’t the date listed in order to ensure uninvited guests do not show up on their big day.