Fans Can't Get Over Jinger Duggar's Short Skirt And Heels She Wore To Her Gender Reveal,Reports 'In Touch'

Fiona Miller

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and husband Jeremy Vuolo are incredibly excited about their newest addition to their family: a baby girl. However, fans have been more focused on her groundbreaking (for a Duggar) outfits that she's been wearing, especially the short skirt and high heels she wore to her gender reveal party.

The reality TV star hosted a gender-reveal party for her entire family, most of whom who drove up from Arkansas to find out the sex of her baby. Jinger Duggar is breaking the six-grandsons-in-a-row streak and will be having the Duggar family's 11th grandchild.

At her gender-reveal party, the reality TV star wore a simple light blue cotton dress and nude heels, which fans went crazy over. Growing up as a Duggar, Jinger would not have been allowed to wear a dress that short, as showing their knees is a definite no for the Duggar family. However, these days, she is incredibly comfortable, even while pregnant, wearing shorter skirts and showing her arms. According to reports, her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, told her that it was absolutely okay to show her arms and wear pants instead of skirts, something she was definitely not allowed to do growing up.

Fans can see her outfit on her blog here.

Jinger Duggar is also the first Duggar not to announce a pregnancy three months after tying the knot, instead waiting almost a year into her marriage before becoming pregnant. It is uncertain if the pair has been trying to have a baby the entire time or if they were using birth control, something her parents eschew as well.