Alleged Insider Claims Josiah Duggar Is 'Crazy' And Almost Killed Someone In A Car, Reports 'Hollywood Gossip'

Fiona Miller

Josiah Duggar has been stepping into the spotlight since he got engaged to his wife-to-be, Lauren Swanson. He has thus far been the only Duggar to have a social media account despite not being in a courtship (he was previously dating family friend Marjorie Jackson), but an alleged insider told the Hollywood Gossip that the Duggar son is a little bit "crazy."

The Duggar son will be the third Duggar boy and seventh Duggar to tie the knot, and fans of Counting On know that the Duggar rules relax once the adult child marries and moves out of the house. An alleged former Duggar employee claims that Josiah Duggar will be the next to go buck wild once he leaves the house and moves in with his new wife, describing him as "crazy."

Fans have already noticed that Josiah Duggar and his fiancee have been a bit more hands-on than the other Duggar children, but the alleged insider stated that Josiah is very fast paced and apt to break his father's rules. They stated that Josiah thinks at 90 miles per hour, in addition to liking to drive at this fast pace.

According to the anonymous tipster, this need for speed has led to him almost killing someone in a motor vehicle accident. He allegedly rolled a car at almost 90 miles an hour into another one directly behind him just after purchasing it.

He briefly dated family friend Marjorie Jackson and became the first Duggar to end a courtship publicly. As this incident occurred during a break from filming Counting On, she was never seen on the show. Since then, however, she has become a blogger and Christian blogger, giving young women advice on how to live a "Godly" lifestyle.