'Southern Charm' Season 6 Announced By Bravo, Along With New Seasons Of Other Bravo Shows

Amy Feinstein

Even though Southern Charm Season 5 has just premiered, Bravo fans just learned that the original Southern Charm, set in Charleston, South Carolina, has been renewed for Season 6. This is all part of Bravo's planned expansion to provide fans with seven nights a week of original programming in primetime. Southern Charm Savannah was also renewed for another season, and Southern Charm New Orleans makes its debut on April 15.

Jerry Leo, the network executive vice president, says that Bravo is making an effort to give its viewers more of what they want to watch.

"Our brand offers a unique environment for our viewers to escape with drama that is fun and funny, yet far from their normal reality. By doubling down on noisy formats and big characters, expanding our lifestyle programming in the design and home space, and offering seven nights a week of originals, we'll be able to serve our fans more of what they crave while also attracting new viewers with our wide scope of programming."

"The Bravo fan continues to be one of the most affluent and loyal viewers on all platforms, deepening our conversations with marketers. This type of engagement means everything to our clients who are looking to make the most advertising impact, which is especially strong in Bravo's original series."

Yet it seems like it's only Ravenel going public with negative comments about Altschul and Sudler-Smith. Thomas Ravenel, who is infamous for blocking people, made a note on Instagram to tell his followers that Patricia Altschul had blocked him.

And soon after the initial Instagram post, a former friend of the Southern Charm cast, K. Cooper Ray, responded to Ravenel, egging him on, and also insulting Altschul.

K. Cooper Ray then told Thomas Ravenel that he is the focal point of Southern Charm.

Patricia Altschul and Ray had a falling out on Season 3 of Southern Charm after alleged bad behavior at a garden party. A fan had asked Thomas Ravenel about losing Altschul and Whitney as friends, and he responded that this whole behind-the-scenes argument had given him clarity.

"I didn't lose Whitney and Pat as friends. They were never real friends to begin with, and this show brought that to light."

With Thomas Ravenel feeling out of the loop with the creators of Southern Charm, it's hard to imagine he'd return for Southern Charm Season 6.