'The Winds Of Winter' Release Date: George R.R. Martin Reveals Major Reasons Behind Delay, Shares Spoilers

Nica Virtudazo

It has been seven years since George R.R. Martin confirmed that he is writing The Winds of Winter. However, the veteran writer has been keeping details about the imminent book under wraps until now. As a matter of fact, the brain behind the Game of Thrones series is still unsure as to when would he be able to complete the sixth installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

In July 2017, George R.R. Martin finally gave a hint about the possible release date of The Winds of Winter. Through his LiveJournal blog, the New Mexican writer stated that the sixth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series is likely to arrive in late 2018 or early 2019. He even shared that TWOW could possibly hit the bookshelves along with the first volume of the Fire and Blood series.

"No publication date has been set yet, but it's likely that we will get the first volume of FIRE AND BLOOD out in late 2018 or early 2019."
"Speaking of fake history... regulars here may recall our plan to assemble an entire book of my fake histories of the Targaryen kings, a volume we called (in jest) the GRRMarillion or (more seriously) FIRE AND BLOOD. We have so much material that it's been decided to publish the book in two volumes."

The Nightflyers author added that he is also editing the Wild Card series while juggling between six different projects. George R.R. Martin also revealed that he is writing some Game of Thrones episodes at the moment, which may include the five upcoming GoT spinoffs. While he has a very hectic schedule right now, GRRM also denied the speculations saying that he avoids working on The Winds of Winter.

"They think I must be 'blocked.' But this is a narrow field of vision. The most important, most difficult, most ambitious and longest time is The Winds of Winter."

"She is an important character in the set of books. (Keeping her character) is the change I most wish I could make in the (show)."