‘EVE’ Fanfest 2018: Project Nova Is Very Much Alive, More Info In ‘Months’

CCP Games

CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson stood on stage at the EVE Fanfest 2018, a bit reserved as he began to talk about games in the company’s future. When staunch EVE fans think of upcoming titles set in the universe, one typically comes to mind more than others: Project Nova. While CCP Games has spoken about the successor to the PS3 shooter Dust 514, the studio has kept information about the game relatively close to the chest. However, at the latest Fanfest gathering in Reykjavik, more information was finally given about the title. And while a full reveal is still coming, it’s seemingly enough to whet the appetites of those anxiously awaiting its release.

While Dust514 released on PS3, Hilmar announced that Project Nova would release on PC to the roar of the audience in the Harpa Concert Hall in the Iclandic capital. Interestingly enough, Project Nova will not be connected to the EVE universe at first, but that will change over time as the game comes into its own. While Pétursson didn’t give too many details, he promised that more information and the game’s official unveiling will come in “months, not years.”

While no release date, or even release window, was announced, Hilmar also noted that Project Nova will release “when it’s ready.” While vague, it gives fans hope that Project Nova will be devoid of the issues that plague modern game releases nowadays, with broken launches, skinny content, and an all around feeling of “early access.”

Not directly linking Project Nova into the EVE universe is smart, as CCP Games wants the shooter game to stand on its own before the game is introduced into the EVE universe. While the exact timing of “months” for its reveal is vague, and it won’t have a playable presence this year, one can reasonably assume that Project Nova will be unveiled at the EVE Vegas gathering in the fall.

Players who want to be kept abreast of Project Nova information can head to the website on the official CCP Games page. On there is a quick form to fill out to be emailed once new information on Project Nova is finally released. Project Nova is currently being worked on by CCP Games with U.K.-based studio Sumo Digital. You can keep up with all of the updates on the official CCP Games Twitch channel throughout Fanfest 2018 here.