Elizabeth Hurley’s Itsy-Bitsy Bikini Pulls In The Masses — Infatuation Of The Bikini-Clad Mom Via Backstory

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There is so much more going on with 52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley today than meets the eye. Besides the role she plays of the “Queen” on the hit show The Royals, Elizabeth Hurley has become somewhat of a bikini sensation online. Today folks scramble to her Instagram page to see her latest bikini photos, according to E! News.

Hurley has a quarter of a million views on one of her Instagram posts seen at the bottom of this article, along with huge numbers for “Likes” and views on all of her posts. If the numbers are any indication, this is one popular bikini-clad mom.

The latest bikini post causing a buzz online is the one below with Hurley in a blue snakeskin print bikini against the background of a “blue bedroom” wall. In two days, Hurley has infatuated the masses with her latest bikini pic, which is evidenced by the almost 80,000 “Likes” this post has pulled in.

In the Blue Bedroom @tagomagoisland @elizabethhurleybeach #JewelBikini #ibiza

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Both Elizabeth and her son Damian have Instagram accounts and they share similar pictures. Damian, who is a budding photographer, often takes his mom’s bikini-clad pictures and Elizabeth said it is because he is very good at this. Both mother and son are seen posing as if they are ready for the beach on their individual Instagram pages.

Damian is the son of a wealthy American businessman, Steve Bing. Hurley did not have an easy time of it in the headlines when she first became pregnant with Damian, according to an archived article from the Telegraph back in June of 2002.

Bing’s sister was interviewed and she accused Hurley of having “reproductively taken advantage” of her brother, reported the Telegraph back then. According to the Sun, Bing himself denied paternity claiming they had a “brief and non-exclusive relationship” with Hurley the year before she became pregnant. What he said didn’t sway Hurley; she was bound and determined to have her baby.


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Hurley and Bing, who were once thought of as a couple that shared an “old-fashioned” romance, went down the road of a relationship demise. Not too long after that, Bing’s lawyers announced that the paternity test did confirm Bing to be the father of Hurley’s son via DNA. The Telegraph writes how Hurley celebrated her “paternity victory” with her friend, model Elle Macpherson.

According to a recent article in The Sun, Hurley’s net worth is somewhere in the neighbor of 26 million pounds or $37 million in American money. She’s amassed this fortune through her acting gigs and her business success.

One of Hurley’s more famous relationships was with actor Hugh Grant. Hurley and Grant started dating in the late 1980s and they stayed together until 2000.

Their relationship survived Hugh Grant’s scandalous arrest when he was accused of “soliciting the services of a prostitute,” cites The Sun. Their split was amicable in 2000. Grant is the godfather to Damian, who is Hurley’s only child. Damian was born April 4, 2002.

Hurley was married for three years to Indian textile heir Arun Neyar. She was divorced in 2011, and just three months after that divorce she became engaged to Aussie cricket superstar Shane Warne. They never made it to the altar, breaking up in 2013 before a wedding took place.

While beachwear started out as only a passion for Hurley, she has managed to build a successful swimsuit line. She has her hand in every step of the design, manufacturing, and marketing of the bikinis and swimsuits she offers up for the masses. She credits her love of beachwear to growing up in England.

Bikini selfie @elizabethhurleybeach #VictoireBikini #cheetah @ooreethirah #eastersale

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Growing up across the pond, when you wanted to go out, this would usually mean having an umbrella in tow. This somehow led Hurley to design swimsuits. Part of the marketing of this attire is done by Hurley through her bikini posts on her Instagram page, which has become a rather popular destination online these days.


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Her sultry and sexy poses have captured the eyes of both fans and critics. Hurley has gotten some flack recently with people accusing her of dressing too risque around her teen son. This first occurred when she divulged how her then 15-year-old son Damian was snapping some of the bikini photos you see on her Instagram account for her.

Damian Hurley’s Instagram page and Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram page both have the mother and son styling in beachwear.

Twirling in my new bikini @elizabethhurleybeach #OliviaBikini @harrods ????????????

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Then when Damian turned 16 last week, Hurley posted a photo of her and her son on Instagram. Hurley was seen wearing a plunging neckline that was a bit revealing and critics piped up with the inappropriateness of her attire around her son. While the critics blare, Hurley’s supporters stand behind her. Many have taken the attitude “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” according to a previous Inquisitr article.

Hurley explained that while she loves beachwear, much of the photos have to do with promoting her brand, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. Many of the pictures that people were squawking about online of Hurley in a bikini and taken by her son were done while the mom and son vacationed in the tropics.

As reported in an earlier Inquisitr article, online comments suggested that many family members take pictures of their loved ones while on vacation together. Not to mention these bikini poses are more of a business venture. The mom and son are working at promoting Hurley’s creations with these pictures, which seems to put a different light on the parade of bikini pics that Hurley posts on Instagram.