NFL Rumors: Browns Could Trade No. 4 Pick, Third-Rounder, And Coleman For Odell Beckham, Per 'FanSided'

The New York Giants are still sending mixed signals when it comes to their plans with Odell Beckham. However, Michael Johnson of NFL Spin Zone believes that the Browns are the team to give the Giants exactly what they want in order to move Beckham.

With the Giants seeking two first-rounders for Beckham, the Browns are in a position to offer them the No. 4 pick, a third-round pick, and Corey Coleman. While that's not exactly the two first-rounders they were expecting, the Giants will get the fourth pick in the draft, a third-rounder, and Coleman, who was the 15th pick in 2016. So technically, they're getting more than two first-rounders.

Johnson would go on to make a point of how fortunate the Giants would be to make that trade with the Browns.

If the trade were to go through, the Giants would have the No. 2 and No. 4 picks. With that, they could land their QB of the future and still take Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley. All the while, getting rid of a player they're having doubts about bringing back, much less paying $20 million per season to.

Beckham is a rare talent at his position but he may have worn out his welcome in New York. Dave Gettleman is not one to put up with any extra drama from any players and Odell has shown a knack for bringing unwanted drama to the field, locker room, and his personal life. Dealing Beckham to Cleveland would give all parties a fresh start.

AP Images | Ron Schwane

After their 0-16 season, the Browns have re-tooled this offseason by adding Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, and Carlos Hyde to the offense and if they can somehow snag a deal for Odell Beckham, the Browns will be dangerous.

With the Browns touting a young defense and a revamped offense, adding OBJ could give them a shot at the playoffs. For the Giants, this deal is all about the future. With Eli Manning playing possibly his last season with the Giants, they will look to draft his successor with either the No. 2 or No. 4 pick plus get an up-and-coming receiver in Corey Coleman who caught 23 passes for 305 yards in nine games in 2017.

Moving Beckham may hurt the 2017 season but it could be a step forward for both the Giants and Browns.