Candice Swanepoel Shares Naked Photo Of Herself Cradling Growing Baby Bump

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Pregnant Candice Swanepoel shared a naked photo of herself cradling her growing baby bump. The Victoria’s Secret model posted the image to her Instagram account on Tuesday that showed her wearing nothing but a few pieces of gold jewelry, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Swanepoel showcased her pregnant body in a bikini just a few weeks ago in Brazil, but she decided to bare more than her baby bump this time. Candice stood with one hand across her chest and the other holding her belly as she stared into the camera. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders.

The 29-year-old is six months pregnant with her second baby with fiancé Hermann Nicoli. The couple is already parents to a one-year-old son, Anacan. Candice announced in January that she’s expecting another boy. Her pregnancy was revealed in December soon after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in China.

“Body blossoming,” Candice Swanepoel captioned the naked photo of herself. “The path between spiritual and the physical…aren’t women amazing?! #6months.”

Swanepoel gave birth to Anaca naturally without drugs. She told People magazine in August 2017 that she doesn’t want to “put anyone off of having kids.” She believes that society makes women “afraid” of giving birth naturally, but it’s “totally doable” if they prepare themselves.

When it comes to her post-baby body, Candice Swanepoel admitted that at the three and four-month mark after having Anacan, she wondered if she’d ever get back into shape. By all accounts, she bounced back fast. The model said breastfeeding helped.

People asked Candice at the time how she’d feel if Anacan wanted to pursue a modeling career. The Victoria’s Secret angel said that modeling is “more of a feminine industry.” She said that if she had daughter who’d do well at modeling, she’d feel fine about it. The career is “amazing,” but it’s “not super easy,” Swanepoel explained.

The interview took place four months before the model’s second pregnancy. Candice said Anacan was such a great baby that she thinks the second child will be a “terror” just to “remind” her how good she had it.

Candice is due in July. It’ll be interesting to see how different Anacan’s brother will be from him.

Candice Swanepoel will likely share more photos of her growing baby bump as her pregnancy progresses. Her naked baby bump got a lot of attention, which might inspire her to post another one before she gives birth this summer.