'Alaskan Bush People' Is Returning For Another Season On Discovery, According To 'TV Insider'

Mandy Robinson

Alaskan Bush People is coming back for another season on Discovery. There has been a lot of speculation about if they would return or not and now it sounds like the show will be back. TV Insider shared the details about what fans can expect from another season of Alaskan Bush People. This will give fans updates on Ami Brown's health and more.

This new season will take place in Washington since the family isn't in Alaska anymore. At the end of last season, everyone saw them move on and give up Brown Town in Alaska. Things are really going to be changing up with the Brown family not in Alaska anymore. On Friday, May 4, you will get to see a marathon of past episodes and then the new season will start. The fans have figured that another season was coming, but for some reason, Discovery was quiet about it until now. Then when May 10 rolls around, you get a new 90-minute episode of the show.

There are not a lot of details out yet about this new season of Alaskan Bush People and what you can expect to see. The new episodes will air on Friday nights just like they always have for this show.

This new season of Alaskan Bush People isn't surprising since there have been rumors that the cameras were rolling, but they have also said the last several seasons of the show were the last. It turns out that they just keep bringing it back. They may decide to advertise this one as the last season as well. It will be hard for the fans to ever believe that this show isn't coming back since they keep saying they are done and then a new season airs again.