‘PUBG’ Removes Clothing From Loot Pool, Tweaks Miramar And Blue Zone Of Death With Update 10


PUBG Corp dropped a major update to the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Wednesday evening that addresses a couple of key concerns from the player base. The Miramar map has received new additions while major tweaks have come to the loot pool as well as the blue zone of death.

In-game clothing spawns have been completely removed from all PUBG maps with the obscurely named PC 1.0 Update 10. The developers first tested going only with weapon and item look during a recent test of the upcoming Codename: Savage map. This has been requested since not long after the game first released, and the action turned out to be hugely popular with the game’s community. Thus, it should not be terribly surprising that the prospect of scavenging a house to only find gloves or a shirt was removed.

The second major change that affects all of PUBG is the timing of the blue zone. This shrinking circle of death is meant to push players together as their number is reduced but the correct intervals and speed of the shrinking have always been a point of contention.

PUBG Corp has elected to reduce the time in between blue zone phases with this update but countered that with an overall reduction in the speed the blue zone shrinks. Additionally, the damage caused by standing in the blue zone during phases seven, eight, and nine have been increased.

Other blue zone changes include how the location of each blue zone is chosen. For example, the chance the final circle phases will land over a body of water has been reduced. However, the final circles will also favor the center of the previous circle instead of a random spot.

Miramar Updates

Featured image credit: PUBG Corp

Receiving the Miramar map brought some variety to PUBG but the desert map continues to require tweaking. The northern section of the map has received updates to add a lake along with villages plus more paved roads and off-road paths.

New car spawns have also been added to the affected areas while the loot drops will see higher-tier items on a more frequent basis.

PUBG Corp’s current plan is to make the Miramar map available to Xbox One owners via the test servers by the end of April. The official release will come sometime in May. It is likely the console players will see these changes as well.

Other Improvements

There is nothing terribly notable about the other improvements and fixes with PUBG Update 10 beyond more optimizations for the game’s performance when viewing buildings from mid-range. There are some improvements to how team invitations are handled along with the ability for the team leader to kick another player.