April 11, 2018
'Roseanne' & 'Shameless' Star Emma Kenney Checks Into Treatment

Emma Kenney, star of TV shows like Roseanne and Shameless, is headed to rehab. The 18-year-old actress claims that she needed to seek treatment for her recent behavior.

According to an April 11 report by Us Weekly Magazine, Emma Kenney released a statement to E! News, revealing that she was doing things that are "illegal" due to the fact that she is "not 21." Kenny, who plays the character of Darlene Conner's daughter, Harris, on Roseanne, and Debbie Gallagher on Shameless, says she was acting "naive and very immature" by behaving in a less than ideal way.

Emma Kenney also revealed that the activities that she was participating in weren't healthy for her and they were actually making her "feel even worse," including struggling with anxiety and depression.

Emma Kenney went on to explain that she was going down a "slippery slope" and that she knew she needed to put an end to it. Although the teenager has a lot on her plate with her acting career, she knows that she needs to get help in order to be "the healthiest, best Emma" that she can possibly be. Kenney adds that she knows that seeking treatment will help her achieve those goals and "continue on that positive road."

The actress adds that she wants to set an example for her fans by teaching them that it's always okay to "admit that you need help." Kenney wants everyone to know that asking for help "doesn't make you weak," and that she plans on coming out of the entire situation as the "true Emma" that she's "always been."

Just days before the announcement that she was seeking treatment, Emma Kenney took to her social media accounts to reveal that she would be stepping away from social media as well as the city of L.A. for a while, stating that the industry and city "can really get to you." She also added that she planned to "re-find" her "peace."

Emma Kenney will have a lot to look forward to once she's done with treatment. She will begin filming Season 9 of Shameless as well as Season 2 of the Roseanne revival later this year.