James Kennedy Provides Lala Kent Friendship Update

It seems that James Kennedy and Lala Kent didn't make amends with one another during the filming of the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion show last month. During James' appearance on Sunday night's Watch What Happens Live show, he provided an update on his friendship with Lala. Sadly, for those viewers who love the dynamic between James and Lala, James revealed that they're still not back to being the good friends that they once were.

During the after show portion, an audience member asked James what's the status of his relationship is with Lala. James acknowledged the up and down nature of their friendship and then confessed that he and Lala aren't even talking right now. He also quickly claimed that the demise of their friendship was Lala's fault.

"Oh s**t! Honestly, I mean, I can't even keep up with Lala and me. I can't even keep up with her. So, you know, right now we're not really talking right now, no. It's sad but it's not my fault, it's her fault!"
On earlier Vanderpump Rules seasons, Lala Kent and James Kennedy were very close friends. It even came out that they had a fling. Yet the current season has shown them frequently argue with one another over James' lack of respect for Lala's boyfriend, Randall Emmett, and not respecting the boundaries that Lala wanted to be placed on their friendship. James has also felt that Lala didn't respect his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. At one point, James and Lala even got into a screaming match after Lala laughed about eating all of Raquel's pasta, which James felt was Lala's way of disrespecting Raquel, and James called Randall fat.

Later on in the season, after they renewed their friendship, James admitted to Lala that he loved her. In another episode, James explained that he was protective of Lala and said in a confessional interview that if he had more money, Lala would have stayed with him instead of moving on to someone like Randall.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that Vanderpump Rules episode aired, Lala Kent called James Kennedy's implication that she's now with Randall Emmett only because of money "super offensive" and "gross." Lala also pointed out that if she was really a gold digger, she would have had some babies with a rich man already.