Stephanie Woods Called Fake Fame-Seeker For Tristan Thompson Instagram Video, Photos Tagging Khloe Kardashian

Joe ScarniciGetty Images for Fortune

After the videos of Tristan Thompson allegedly getting cozy with women who weren’t Khloe Kardashian went viral on Tuesday, April 10, confusion emerged about the identity of the women in the videos. TMZ reports that Khloe has begun having “early contractions” as Tristan gets ready to join the Cleveland Cavaliers for a home game on Tuesday evening.

Whereas Lani Blair has largely been identified as the woman appearing in at least one of the recently released videos with Tristan, another woman has leaked a video claiming that it showed her with Tristan in a comprising and NSFW position. As reported by Heavy, “Stephanie Woods” is the name of the woman who took to Instagram to release a raunchy and explicit video, with claims that she was the woman with Thompson entering the hotel.

However, “Stephanie Woods” is being met with plenty of skepticism on social media, after Woods reported that her Instagram account was deleted. Stephanie had reposted Instagram posts that included writing claiming, “Let us be happy.” After Instagram shut down Woods’ account for the explicit video that didn’t show any faces, Woods published the video to Snapchat and tagged Thompson. Stephanie also published several screenshots of explicit text messages with allegations claiming the texts came from Tristan.


Woods went on to claim that she was pregnant by Tristan, just like Khloe. However, Stephanie’s claims are being called dubious – even though the Twitter account named Ms.Stephanie at the Twitter handle @MssStephanie__ retweeted a Snapchat image from “Stephanie Woods” claiming that if she got her Instagram account back, she would post all the proof people are asking for.

Woods has not returned to Instagram, as she noted on Snapchat, even though several fake accounts claiming to be Stephanie have appeared on Instagram in the wake of Stephanie getting her account shut down. Heavy notes that social media users are deeming Woods a person who is only using the situation to gain fame, without believing that Woods really knows Tristan.

In some of the screenshots appearing on Twitter, it has been revealed that Woods tagged Kardashian and Thompson in certain photos that have been republished online.