Elizabeth Hurley's Tiny Bikini Has Just One Taut String Between Her And The World -- A 'Jaws On The Floor' Pic

Elizabeth Hurley is pictured in the "blue bedroom" modeling an animal print design bikini with only one taut string seemingly holding everything in place under her bikini top. She is "nearly naked" according to the description offered by E! News.

The website offers up their critique of the actress' latest post by saying, "Hurley flaunts her toned stomach and eye-catching cleavage barely-there two-piece and nothing else." They claim this photo has "tongues wagging" and puts "jaws on the floor."

While E! News calls this an "animal print" design, others are calling it a "snakeskin print" bikini. No matter what you call the fabric print, most everyone is agreeing she looks fabulous in this post.

Her latest bikini is a lighter shade of blue than the royal hue in the background of her newest Instagram post. After all the mom-shaming she's endured lately, it appears Hurley is showing the world it's just fine for a 52-year-old mom to don a bikini if she wants to, suggests the latest reports.

While the jaw-dropping over Hurley's physique continues with each and every bikini pic she posts, there's more to Hurley's photos than meets the eye. Hurley doesn't don these scantily clad creations to entice a shock value out of the masses. No, she's actually quite the businesswoman with a marketing strategy that's working. You can see her latest bikini post below.

It is not often mentioned how these bikinis that the Royals star wears have come to materialize. These aren't your everyday run-of-the-mill swimwear offerings; the bikinis donned by Hurley are of her own creation. There's quite the backstory involving an umbrella linked to this swimwear line.The actress has an obsession with beachwear and she's taken that obsession and made something of it. Hurley cites growing up in rainy England where if you leave the house, you are taking an umbrella. All those rainy days have somehow been the inspiration behind her love for beachwear.

Elizabeth is involved in every aspect of her beachwear business from the design stage right through to manufacturing and onto the marketing of the product. It is part of her marketing strategy when you see her go to town posting her own photos donning a bikini on her Instagram page. It is a strategy that is apparently working for her as the business' website describes a successful global customer base.

Her Elizabeth Hurley Beach line of swimsuits are made from the finest fabric and durable materials, such as the highest quality cotton, silk, and lycra, according to her website. These creations are made to be soft, comfortable, and quick drying.

She decided that she wanted to get into the swimwear business because women wear swimsuits regardless of shape or size. Her theory is women will slip into a swimsuit and "either look amazing or really get it wrong."

She said, "I wanted to develop resort collections which make women feel fabulous at any age." From what people are saying online, it looks like she has hit the nail on the head when it comes to her goal with her swimsuits.