Lani Blair Instagram Secrets: Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Mistress Shares Khloe’s Friend, No ‘Pregnant’ Posts

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Lani Blair is the Instagram model who was recently caught on video spending time at a hotel with Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloe Kardashian’s forthcoming baby daughter, as reported by Page Six. With Kardashian set to deliver her baby in Cleveland soon, Tristan has been going viral as the six-foot nine-inch tall NBA star was caught kissing the Instagram model in New York.

In the wake of the controversy, Lani’s Instagram account is being thoroughly reviewed by folks who want to know more about her. As reported by Heavy, Lani was photographed hanging out with superstars Drake and Miguel in 2015, with her friend Bernice Burgos in the photo as well. In fact, Lani’s Instagram account (@laniblair) shows a plethora of Instagram photos and videos – some of those showing Bernice and Lani together.

Bernice also knows Khloe. Burgos hung out with Khloe Kardashian at a birthday party, reports Hollywood Life, as intrepid Twitter users have already posted side-by-side photos of Bernice photographed with both Lani and Khloe on separate occasions. Other revelations noted from Blair’s Instagram account include the fact that Lani promotes lots of Fashion Nova clothes, and included a photo of herself wearing Lululemon yoga pants.

Lani wrote that she “was working on her gains” in one selfie.

Blair also loves Tupac. There are plenty of “Happy Birthday” screenshots that exist on Instagram for the late rapper. Lani is an amazing artist, as revealed by a sketch of Aaliyah. Blair doesn’t post too often on Instagram but has clapped back at hateful comments. When one user wrote that Aaliyah would never wear such a scantily clad outfit and called Blair bad names, Lani followed up her sketch with a photo of the late singer wearing a silver bikini top and black pants like Lani had sketched.

Blair’s birthday is June 6, as witnessed by several birthday videos celebrating her special day over the years. Lani has a vocabulary that’s off the chain. From “salacious” to a beach-lover writing about “heliophilia,” defined by The Free Dictionary as one with “an attraction or adaptation to sunlight,” Blair doesn’t shy away from the English language.

Blair has turned off the ability to leave comments on her recent Instagram posts, but her older Instagram posts show lots of comments from Instagram users. Lani quoted Camilla Cabello on one photo’s caption that reads, “Okay I’m insane but you’re the same.”

Celebrities like Jermaine Dupri and Tony Rock have liked her Instagram photos, and Lani has quoted old school songs like one by Roger Troutman, called “I Want to Be Your Man.”

Lani’s grandmother was a Mexican woman who loved Selena and shared her name. Blair also revealed recent heartbreak on Instagram when she said she lost her aunt to cancer, a woman who was as close as a mother to the beauty.

“Learn to love people and use things, not the other way around,” Blair wrote in one Instagram caption that has gotten backlash on Twitter – with Lani’s words being called ironic.

Blair’s Instagram photos show that she has traveled from Akron, Ohio, to Detroit to Cleveland to Columbus to D.C. and the Dominican Republic and beyond. She has been on Instagram since 2012, wants an Ed Sheeran song for her wedding, and she is also on Snapchat. Despite many commentators making observations about Blair’s ample backside and accusing her of getting plastic surgery, Lani doesn’t mention butt injections or implants.

Blair did reveal she had a lot of hair even as a 10-year old girl. She also gives shouts out to clubs, as well as hair and makeup artists. In spite of the popularity of the search suggestion for the phrase “Lani Blair pregnant” on Twitter, Blair’s Instagram account makes no mention of any alleged pregnancy, unlike Stephanie Woods, who claims to have gotten pregnant by Tristan, as reported by Heavy.