‘My 600-LB Life’ Jennifer And Marissa Update: See If The Mom And Daughter Have New Weight-Loss Photos To Share


Fans of My 600-LB Life were shown the story of Jennifer and Marissa this week, and now are hoping for a more positive update from the mother and daughter.

The women, who weight a combined 1,000 pounds, were in desperate need of help when they appeared on the show. As Monsters and Critics noted, Jennifer suffered heartbreaking trauma during her childhood, with a father who was physically abusive and a step-father who sexually abused her. Jennifer ended up getting pregnant at age 16.

Jennifer’s daughter, Marissa, ended up having to care for her mother as Jennifer’s struggles with addiction and food spiraled out of control. This caused Marissa to gain weight, and combined the two now weight more than 1,000 pounds.

While TLC was not giving away any details ahead of the My 600-LB Life episode, there are some signs that Jennifer and Marissa are on their way to losing weight. A clip released before the episode aired showed that the two were serious about changing their habits, and were starting small by going on walks together.

Not all of the updates from My 600-LB Life this year have been happy, however. Earlier in the season, the show featured morbidly obese Robert Buchel, but TLC kept any details about Robert’s life very closely guarded before the episode aired. There was a sad reason for the secrecy — Robert died of a heart attack during the show’s production, the first person featured on My 600-LB Life to die of weight-related complications.

There have been some other mixed results. While many of the people featured on the show lose weight — and sometimes even hundred of pounds — that is not always the case. Last week, the show featured former plus-size model Schenee Murry, who ended up not losing enough weight to go through gastric bypass surgery. She saw little change since appearing on the show.

Those looking for weight-loss updates from Jennifer and Marissa after their appearance on My 600-LB Life can check out the show’s official page, where updates are added after the episode has aired. They can also check back here, with any updates or new weight-loss pictures added as they are available.