Khloe Kardashian ‘Ballistic’ Over Tristan’s Serial Cheating Rumors — Too Far Along To Go Home, Cites Fox News

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Khloe Kardashian is what you might call in between a rock and a hard place today, according to how the latest reports detail her dilemma. The recent headlines alleging the father of her baby is cheating on her have reportedly devastated this famous Kardashian sister.

According to Fox News, Khloe went “ballistic” when she got wind of Tristan Thompson allegedly cheating on her, which is a rumor that came along with video clips posted online. You can see clips from both those videos in the one video above. This is a man that Khloe was ready to spend the rest of her life with as the couple is about to have their first child together any day now.

On top of it all, Khloe is not around her very supportive family, as she remains in Ohio and her famous Kardashian-Jenner clan members all live in Los Angeles. She moved to Cleveland lock, stock, and barrel to start her new life with Tristan, who lives in Ohio where his NBA team hails from. Fox News reported that Tristan was at home with Khloe when the cheating rumors surfaced. One video clip was taken over the weekend while Tristan was in New York and Khloe staying at home, as she is nine months pregnant and ready to give birth any day now.

Then another video clip surfaced from back in September with Tristan and a few women. The most recent video, from Saturday night, allegedly shows Tristan kissing a random woman at a roof-top bar and then later they were reportedly seen entering a hotel together, according to the Awesomeness TV video above in this article. They point out that Tristan is considered a serial cheater by those who know him.

The New York Times reported that Khloe wants to leave Ohio amid this cheating scandal surfacing, but she is too far along in her pregnancy to do that. She will remain in Cleveland until after the baby is born, according to reports. When Khloe decided to move to Cleveland, she really moved to Cleveland. She shipped everything she owned to Tristan’s home, a home that she now calls her own and the home in which she was planning to raise their daughter together.

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According to the source from the New York Times, “now she just wants to get the hell out of Cleveland, but she can’t fly.”

Multiple media sources reported that Tristan was allegedly cheating on Khloe when he was in New York. According to a report from TMZ, Kris Jenner flew out to Ohio on Wednesday morning to be with Khloe. Kim and some of her other siblings are scheduled to depart on Thursday and Friday to make their way to their sister.

It is reported that Khloe has started having early contractions and this was Kris’s reason for heading to Ohio today. TMZ reported how the Kardashian-Jenner family is taking this news about Tristan. They are extremely upset over the allegations that Tristan has betrayed Khloe. They were not made aware of this until Tuesday.

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Two recent videos emerged on YouTube and they appear to show Tristan with other women. Back when Khloe’s pregnancy was announced to the world, Tristan’s father slammed his son for abandoning his first son to be with Khloe.

Tristan’s ex, Jordy Craig, had posted a picture of herself while she was pregnant with that couple’s first child. Jordy wrote the following in the post.

“Although watching and feeling you grow every day has made my pregnancy such an unforgettable, magical experience … words cannot express how anxious and excited I am to finally meet you![…] Mommy loves you so much. Muah-Muah-Muah!!!!”

The baby was named Prince Oliver and one Instagram user suggested how little Prince Oliver will one day question his father, who is not there with him. It was Tristan’s dad who chimed in with a reply and he wasn’t defending his son. He called out his son for leaving his baby boy to go with Khloe and raise a child with her.

Tristan’s father had a lot to say by way of slamming his son, which included, ” Tristan does not respect his last name Thompson because he is $85 million stupid.” He also warned Khloe that she has a “boy” along with a new baby to raise, according to BET News back in February.

It seems that some folks online backed Tristan’s father for calling him out at the time.

Others may have backed his father, but they thought airing dirty laundry in public wasn’t the way to go.