Man Accused Of Killing Four-Month-Old Baby Claims His Two-Year-Old Sister Did It

Oklahoma County Jail

News 9 is reporting that police officers arrested Antonio Goodwin, 31, last Friday for the death of infant Ryan Keesee.

Oklahoma City Police had been called to the Deaconess Hospital on April 6 by doctors who said the infant had suffered severe head trauma and was not breathing.

Doctors told investigators that the four-month-old child had significant injuries that included bleeding on the brain and multiple skull fractures.

Baby Keesee would later succumb to his injuries with investigators determining that his horrifying injuries were consistent with signs of child abuse.

Goodwin told investigators that he had been saddled with the task of watching his girlfriend’s three children while she was at work.

The 31-year-old man told detectives that he left the northwest Oklahoma City apartment for about 10 minutes when the children were sleeping for a quick dash to a nearby store.

He claimed that when he returned and checked on the kids, he saw the infant’s two-year-old sister, Brooklyn standing on Ryan’s back in his playpen.

Goodwin, who alleged that he had been dating the baby’s mother for five months, disclosed that he quickly got the girl off the baby’s back, but noticed that Ryan’s skin had changed color.

Court papers seen by News Ok would later reveal that the injuries that baby Ryan sustained were in no way consistent with a child standing on a baby.

Goodwin failed to explain to detectives how a two-year-old standing on an infant’s back could cause a head injury. Additionally, an examination of the four-month-old boy revealed that there were “no marks or injuries” on his back.

The doctors that examined Ryan Keesee said his injuries were synonymous with “non-accidental trauma” and should have been noticed within minutes.

Ryan’s mother, Kaitlin Keesee, told investigators at the city police headquarters that she received a call from Goodwin about the tragic accident, but she did not believe that her two-year-old daughter had caused the fatal injuries.

According to a court affidavit, the 20-year-old woman confronted Goodwin when she rushed to the hospital, telling him to admit the truth for her peace of mind.

“I want to know what happened. Tell me what happened so I can have peace…I want honesty.”

KFOR reported that Kaitlin Keesee left for work around 3 a.m. on Friday having no inkling that she was never going to see baby Ryan alive again.

Remembering her last words to her son, Kaitlin said she gave him a hug, kissed him bye-bye, and played with his little hands.

The distressed mother said she barely recognized her infant son at the hospital. Doctors say his facial features were distorted after his brain ballooned to an abnormal size following his multiple skull fractures.

Goodwin is currently being held on a first-degree murder charge without bail.