‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liz Might Reveal Pregnancy To Franco, Jordan Facing Potential Health Scare

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

It’s going to be a big weekend for General Hospital, as teasers indicate that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) has a big revelation in store for Franco (Roger Howarth) on Friday’s episode.

In the wake of the Franco’s confrontation with Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan), things appear to be getting better for Franco. For one, viewers can expect an improvement in his relationship with Drew. After all, he protected Drew from Jim at his own expense. In return, Drew saved Franco from dying after his altercation with Jim, Soap Central wrote. Not only is Franco’s relationship with Drew expected to soften, his relationship with Liz is also rumored to get a big upgrade. According to She Knows Soap, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Liz will relay some good news to Franco. It is believe that she might reveal that she’s carrying Franco’s child.

For a while, Liz and Franco’s relationship has been mired with problems. After Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) informed Liz that Jim has tried to kill Franco before, she’s been worrying that he might go after him again. And after Jim attempted to kidnap Liz, things have been pretty intense for the couple in recent weeks. Having a baby could be the long overdue sigh of relief for the couple. Franco has confronted his past and now he’s ready to move on and looking towards a better future.

If Franco does get into trouble with Jim again, it’s likely that Drew will come in and save him. He will most likely do what he can for Liz, and that includes making sure that love of her life will be safe.

On the other hand, General Hospital spoilers also tease a potential health scare for one of the characters. In recent episodes, Jordan has a cough that doesn’t seem to go away. Viewers have noted that either Antoine is suffering from a cold in real life or the show is subtly hinting that there’s something wrong with Jordan’s health.

However, viewers also noticed Jordan cough in the middle of an interrogation scene. If this was not part of the script and is completely trivial, General Hospital could’ve asked Antoine to reshoot the scene.

Will Liz and Franco have a baby? Is Jordan having problems with her health? Stay tuned to General Hospital.