‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Ami Brown Reportedly Lived With ‘Pain’ And ‘Neglect’, Suffered From Oral Problem

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

The current health condition of Ami Brown is one of the most talked about topics today. Most fans of the Alaskan Bush People star are aware that the 54-year-old reality star and her family were forced to shut down their homestead and transfer to Colorado for her treatments. Though it was revealed that Billy’s wife is already cancer-free earlier this year, new reports suggest that Ami is looking frail again lately.

Ami Brown and the rest the clan decided to leave the modern society and live a simpler life in the middle of the forest. The Brown family has documented their new way of living for seven seasons. However, the Alaskan Bush People stars have decided to abandon their homestead and return to the city after their matriarch was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer.

Last week, speculations suggest that Ami Brown’s fatal ailment has possibly returned after she and her family checked into the UCLA Medical Hospital again. Now, a source told Radar Online that the Brown matriarch has been living with “pain and neglect” because of her oral problems. A certain Dr. DeFelice claimed that the Alaskan Bush People star has suffered from her rotting teeth for years.

The dentist revealed to the entertainment news outlet that Ami Brown “was always unhappy with her overbite.” Dr. DeFelice stated that the wife of Billy really struggles on her teeth that “she was too embarrassed to show her smile.” Because of this, the mom of seven underwent a complete restoration.

“We were able to replace her missing teeth, eliminate her pain, and restore this beautiful soul’s smile again.”

The news came amid the speculations saying that Ami Brown’s lung cancer has returned. Another tipster revealed to the publication that the Alaskan Bush People star was spotted using a wheelchair in public, which added fuel to the rumors claiming that the Brown matriarch is sick again. Discovery Channel has yet to comment on these unverified reports.

Meanwhile, a separate Radar Online report claimed that Billy Brown acquired a $415,000 property in Washington. A tax assessor in Okanogan County revealed that the Alaskan Bush People star bought 435 acres across four parcels of land. It was even shared that Ami’s husband purchased the land in February from a certain Wilbur and Teresa Hallnuer.

“Billy Brown bought four separate large properties near where the family is currently filming at the Lodge on Palmer Lake. One property is 65 acres. One is 190 acres. One is 40 acres and the last one is 140 acres. The total land mass bought by Mr. Brown is roughly 435 acres.”

However, a few fans were not happy about the news. Some locals even expressed their concerns about Ami Brown and her family making their town a backdrop for the popular Discovery series. It was previously claimed that the entire clan is currently at Omak, Washington, filming for another installment of Alaskan Bush People.

Discovery Channel has yet to announce the official premiere date of the series’ eighth season. Stay tuned for the latest spoilers, news, and updates about Alaskan Bush People!