The Future Of The Chase And Savannah Chrisley Spinoff Is Up In The Air As Talk Show Is Canceled

Soon after Todd Chrisley's talk show, According to Chrisley, was canceled, production sources revealed that the planned spinoff for Chase and Savannah Chrisley was also in peril. Todd Chrisley, whose shows started with Chrisley Knows Best, is being forced to reexamine expansion of the Chrisley brand and think about going back to basics on the USA Network.

Radar Online is reporting that the other Todd Chrisley projects in the works have been axed by the USA Network. Savannah Chrisley, 20, and brother Chase Chrisley, 21, were supposed to get their own spinoff of the original Chrisley Knows Best, and now sources close to the production say that isn't going to happen. After the failure of the Todd Chrisley talk show, production sources say that the network isn't willing to take the risk.

The Chase And Savannah Chrisley, Chrisley Knows Best Spinoff Is Now In Peril

"The network execs just didn't feel it would do well. Unfortunately, neither one of them has enough personality to carry a show without their father and family drama," said one source.

Todd Chrisley publicly announced in August that Savannah and Chase were going to get their own spinoff of Chrisley Knows Best, highlighting the two twentysomethings leaving the nest.

The Network Allegedly Doesn't Believe That Chase And Savannah Chrisley Can Carry A Show

Todd Chrisley shared his ideas for a Chrisley Knows Best spinoff featuring Chase and Savannah.

"This show will follow them as they live on their own and give their parents huge headaches and potential heart attacks. The plot thickens with love."

But things have gotten complicated as a result of the cancellation of the Chrisley talk show, and according to the production source, Savannah "is not easy to work with" and college student Chase "has no time" to film.

But a network source says that it's not true that the spinoff plans have been scrapped.

"The information that their spinoff is not still in the works is inaccurate."

According To Chrisley Was Canceled Reportedly Because It Was "Stale"

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the news broke this week that the Todd Chrisley hosted talk show, According to Chrisley, was canceled. The program was styled as a half-hour after-show that followed each episode of Chrisley Knows Best last fall. A production insider broke the news that According to Chrisley will no longer follow Chrisley Knows Best, and it has indeed been canceled.

"The show will not be coming back," the insider explained.

Another source close to the Chrisley production said the talk show "felt stale" and that "no one was really connecting to it."