Lamar Odom Reportedly Has Shocking Reaction To Tristan Allegedly Cheating On Khloe Kardashian, Claims 'People'

Joanne Eglash

Khloe Kardashian is looking forward to welcoming her first baby into the world, and viewers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have seen Khloe's longing for a child. But Kardashian's joy in motherhood has reportedly become tarnished with rumors that her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, has cheated on the reality TV star.

An insider told People that Tristan Thompson isn't just famed for his success on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The athletic star also allegedly is infamous as a "serial cheater." For those who are familiar with Khloe's romantic history, the allegations of a sports star cheating on Kardashian may sound familiar, pointed out the magazine.

"Before she was romantically linked to NBA boyfriend Thompson in September 2016, [Khloe] Kardashian dealt with allegations of extramarital affairs during her nearly eight-year relationship with ex-husband Lamar Odom."
"Anybody who's lived a complicated, drug-infused life like I've lived knows the cycle — with women, cheating on my wife, s— like that."

"Love is blind... Lamar was so great at making me feel like I was the only one and I'm this princess," recalled Kardashian.

Khloe never suspected that her then-husband was cheating on her behind her back, calling Odom "so good" at hiding his mistresses. Lamar kept his cell phones free from hints of infidelity, using his assistant to cover them up. Kardashian called the fact that Odom successfully hid his affairs with help from his assistant "disgusting."

After all that Khloe did for him despite his cheating on her during their marriage, Odom values Kardashian. He has said that he is "happy" for Kardashian having achieved her longed-for pregnancy, which she has shared on Instagram.

Now that he has learned that Khloe's baby daddy allegedly cheated on her, Odom is torn when it comes to the right move, an insider told People.

"Lamar feels terrible for Khloe. He wasn't sure if he should reach out and see how she's doing. He feels for her."

As more reports emerge about Thompson's alleged "serial cheating" secret life, some are viewing it as sadly similar to what Kardashian went through with Lamar. Odom first faced rumors that he had cheated on Khloe in 2012. Reports alleged that Lamar had an affair with a woman he hooked up with at a strip club. A year later, rumors spread again that Odom had cheated on his then-wife following a Dallas Mavericks game.

Fox News reported that the rumors that Tristan Thompson was unfaithful to Khloe began with allegations that he cheated on her in New York City last weekend. TMZ shared a video that some have interpreted as showing Tristan cheating on Kardashian when she was three months pregnant. With Khloe set to give birth soon, the cheating allegations are particularly heartbreaking.