NHL Power Rankings

1. New Jersey Devils- Zach Parise is on pace to score 50 goals

2. San Jose Sharks- Patrick Marleau is creating a lot of chance with his speed

3. Washington Capitols- Alex Ovechkin has missed 6 games, and yet he is still among the leagues best scorers

4. Calgary Flames- Rene Bourque needed s strict coach like Brent Sutter

5. Chicago Blackhawks- Next six are on the road

6. Buffalo Sabres- Ryan Miller has been outstanding

7. Pittsburgh Penguins- Now Alex Goligoski is out

8. Detroit Red Wings- Henrick Zetterberg scored 9 points last week

9. Colorado Avalanche- Craig Anderson has come back to earth giving up 11 goals in three straight loses

10. LA Kings- It doesn’t look like this team is going away

11. Philadelphia Flyers- On their first extended road trip of the season

12. Vancouver Canucks- At home until 12-2

13. New York Rangers- Their top four point scorer were not on t he roster last year

14. Columbus Blue Jackets- They are wildly inconsistent

15. Dallas Stars- Time for Marty Turrco to play more

16. Phoenix Coyotes- Have scored 50 goals fewest among the teams in the west

17. Nashville Predators- Pekka Rinne is playing like he did last year

18. Atlanta Thrashers- Kovalchuk missed just six games with a broken foot

19. Boston Bruins- Their offense is underperforming

20. Tampa Bay Lightning- Ryan Malone is off to a strong start

21. New York Islanders- John Tavares needs to step up his game

22. Ottawa Senators- Pascal Leclaire needs to work out some things in goal

23. Edmonton Oilers- Winning only 46.1% of their face offs

24. Montreal Canadiens- They give up far too many shots

25. Florida Panthers- They got new owners, sort of

26. Anaheim Ducks- It seems they have lost their mental edge

27. St. Louis Blues- This team need to win now, according to Dave Checketts

28. Minnesota Wild- they want to host the Winter Classic and the 2011 draft

29. Toronto Maple Leafs- Phil Kessel has 4 goals in 6 games

30. Carolina Hurricanes- Maybe the worst is over, but maybe not