Mariah Carey Admits She Has Bipolar Disorder: Inside Her Heartbreaking Confession

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Mariah Carey just made a heartbreaking confession about why she isolated herself from the world for years, admitting that she was diagnosed with a mental condition known as “bipolar disorder.”

Speaking to People editor-in-chief Jess Cagle, the 48-year-old diva revealed that she had been having a difficult time accepting her condition even after she was diagnosed in 2001.

“I didn’t want to believe it,” said the artist who is popularly known as the “Songbird Supreme.”

According to the outlet, Carey first sought treatment after she had a mental and physical breakdown in 2001. At the time, the doctors already told her about the mental illness.

However, Nick Cannon’s ex-wife didn’t seek treatment until her recent decision to turn her life around because she was in denial of her battle.

“Until recently I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me,” she explained.

According to the magazine, Carey went on to reveal that she finally decided to seek and receive treatment after suffering through what she dubbed as “the hardest couple of years” of her life, during which she and James Packer ended their engagement.

“It was too heavy a burden to carry and I simply couldn’t do that anymore. I sought and received treatment, I put positive people around me and I got back to doing what I love — writing songs and making music.”

She is currently going through therapy while taking medications for the bipolar II disorder, a condition characterized by interchanging up and down moods over time.

According to WebMD, bipolar II disorder is very similar to bipolar I, except for the fact that the “up” moods never reach its peak. This condition is called hypomania, or hypomanic episodes. Moreover, the mental illness is symptomized by more episodes of depression, among others such as exaggerated self-confidence, hyperactivity, a sudden change in ideas, and quick, uninterruptible loud speech.

Aside from Mariah Carey, around 2.5 percent of the American population suffer from this type of bipolar disorder, which amounts to as much as six million people.

Based on the website’s article on the topic, those suffering from the condition often show symptoms when they are still teenagers and young adults in their early 20s. However, most patients with bipolar disorder develop it before they turn 50. Also, people with a family history of the condition are at higher risk of developing the mental ailment.

Speaking to People, Mariah Carey revealed the treatment she is taking for her mental condition.

“I’m actually taking medication that seems to be pretty good. It’s not making me feel too tired or sluggish or anything like that. Finding the proper balance is what is most important,” she said.

She also admitted that she initially thought that she is suffering from a severe sleep disorder, explaining that it was quite different from typical insomnia. On top of that, she also revealed how she felt when all her energy has left her in a depressed state.

“It turns out that I was experiencing a form of mania. Eventually, I would just hit a wall. I guess my depressive episodes were characterized by having very low energy. I would feel so lonely and sad — even guilty that I wasn’t doing what I needed to be doing for my career.”

Mariah Carey also urged people to try to remove the stigma attached to mental conditions like her bipolar disorder for others with similar illnesses to be able to seek proper treatment without having to go through immense criticism for something they have no control over.