‘The Originals’ Season 5 Cast In Favor Of Seeing Klaus And Caroline Ending Up Together

Michael BucknerGetty Images

The Vampire Diaries fans celebrate upon the announcement of Candice King crossing over to The Originals Season 5 to reprise her role as Caroline. For them, this could mean Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will have another chance to pursue her once again and rekindle their TVD romance. As the two television show followers are rooting for Klaroline to be together, the spinoff series’ final installment’s cast is also in favor of seeing the couple end up with one another.

In an interview with TV Guide, Claire Holt, Charles Michael Davis, Riley Voelkel, and Joseph Morgan himself revealed their sentiments about Caroline and Klaus’ almost relationship.

Both of Rebekah and Marcel’s stars are in favor of seeing Klaroline end up with one another in The Originals Season 5. In fact, they believed it has been a long overdue.

“Yes! I’m rooting for Klaus to be with anyone at this point, honestly,” Claire Holt told the publication. Personally, she wanted the former antihero of The Vampire Diaries to find the perfect girl for him and finally settle down. The 29-year-old star even compared Caroline and Klaus to her and Charles Michael Davis’ characters that have had a secret love for each other for a long time. “So, we’ll see,” she teased.

Additionally, Riley Voelkel, who plays the role of Freya, said she is just excited to give their fans something that she knows they are rooting for in The Originals Season 5. The 27-year-old star understands their viewers really love Caroline and Klaus. So, she is also in favor of seeing them romantically together.

Lastly, Joseph Morgan made fun of the fans desire to see Caroline and Klaus end up together. “That’s the thing about the Klaus and Caroline fans, they’re just not vocal about it,” he joked. He even put more sarcasm to the topic by pretending he doesn’t know viewers are rooting for his and Candice King’s character to continue their deterred romance in The Vampire Diaries. As their followers have been shipping them for the past seven years, The Originals Season 5 might be the right time their wish will be granted.

Meanwhile, Riley Voelkel also talked about Candice King’s coming to The Originals Season 5. She discerns doing any kind of crossovers on the shows really excites every television follower. As a matter of fact, the spinoff series’ cast is always enjoying welcoming any character from The Vampire Diaries to join them and vice versa.

For both TVD and The Originals fans, The Secret Lives of Dorks star knows it is “extra special” for them to see characters from both shows doing the crossover. “So I’m very excited about her coming,” she said about Candice King’s appearance in The Originals Season 5. She even described the 30-year-old actress as an amazing person on and off screen.

The Originals Season 5 premieres on April 18 on The CW.