My Disney Experience Updated With Major Changes - Transferring FastPasses No Longer Allowed

Apps receive periodic updates to fix bugs, add some features, and to change how things are done in the best manner for its users. Most of the time, the changes and updates can be extremely beneficial, but others feel that if it isn't broken, there is no need to fix it. The My Disney Experience (MDE) app for Walt Disney World recently received an update that added some great new features but also made one big change to FastPass+ reservations that may not be well received.

The MDE app can be used for all sorts of things at Walt Disney World. You can check out wait times or find out where certain characters are hanging out or even use Mobile Food Ordering which is extraordinarily convenient.

Last week, the app received an update which was said to simply fix some bugs and the overall performance, but it changed a few big things. The most drastic change is that guests no longer have the ability to transfer current FastPasses from one person to another, and that could cause some problems.

If someone in your FastPass+ party chooses not to ride and someone else would like to make sure that pass didn't go to waste, it simply can't be done anymore through the app.

my disney experience walt world app fastpasses transfer annual passes
Danny Cox

Guests logging onto MDE will now notice that the old "Change Party" option is no longer available when they look at the details of their FastPass+ selection. They can add guests to the party, but that is only if there is availability for that current attraction.

If someone doesn't want to use a FastPass they are scheduled for, they will simply have to cancel it completely. If someone else in the party would like to pick it up, they'll simply have to be quick on the draw after it is dropped.

While you cannot transfer FastPass+ reservations from one person to another using the MDE app, it can still be done online. If guests are able to get on the official website of My Disney Experience, they still have the option of not only modifying the FastPass+ time and attraction, but also the party and who is in it.

It is not yet known if the MDE website will follow suit with the app and receive the same update, but that is expected sometime in the future.

my disney experience walt world app fastpasses transfer annual passes
Danny Cox

It should also be noted that the new update of the MDE app also allows guests to purchase Walt Disney World annual passes without having to log-in online. As reported by WDWNT, the option now exists on the home screen with the ability to simply "Buy Annual Passes."

Guests will still need to activate their annual pass at a ticket window upon arriving at Walt Disney World. Florida residents will also need to show valid proof of residency with one or more of the approved forms of identification.

Walt Disney World certainly has a lot of technology at use in the parks, resorts, and all around the property, but not everyone thinks it is perfect. The My Disney Experience app is something that is truly beneficial to everyone in one form or another and the ability to buy annual passes on it is only the latest addition. As for no longer having the ability to transfer FastPass+ reservations among your party, some may not necessarily see that as something needed or useful.