NFL Rumors: Color Rush Uniforms Coming To An End On 'Thursday Night Football,' According To 'NBC News' Report

NFL rumors indicate that the use of Color Rush uniforms has ended. A familiar sight for Thursday Night Football has been the monochromatic jerseys worn by the two teams on the field. A report by NBC Sports came out late on April 10 revealing the news, which has already led to a lot of celebration from NFL fans on social media.

As shown in the photo below from Phil Hecken at Sporting News, the uniforms made it blatantly obvious which players were on which teams. It was a gimmick to get more fans to watch the games, but FOX Sports may not find that necessary moving forward. Some viewers found it to be an amusing facet of the Thursday night football games and it certainly led to additional jersey sales for the teams and league.

There is another interesting revelation from these NFL rumors. Teams will still have the option to use the Color Rush scheme on their own. A report by Titans Online just revealed a new jersey that the Tennessee Titans will be using during the 2018 NFL season. Mike Florio of NBC Sports stated that "while Color Rush may be dead as a mandatory, across-the-board program, it will still exist as a voluntary, periodic, alternate uniform program."

FOX Sports is taking over the full Thursday Night Football presentation for the league, giving the network a lot of control over things like the Color Rush uniforms. It was an opportunity for the network to move in a different direction and it appears that they are taking control of the situation. Rather than deal with the seemingly non-stop complaints on social media every Thursday night from fans who don't like the uniform choices, the network is steering away from the controversy.

Having an NFL season with fewer controversies might help to bring more viewers back and increase the television ratings a bit. Removing specific rules about Color Rush jerseys will also help to create buzz for alternative jerseys being used by teams at different points of the regular season. Sorry, Seattle Seahawks fans, because this might spell an end to the lime green uniforms the team wore against the Arizona Cardinals during the 2017 NFL season.