Melania Trump’s ‘Robotic-Like’ Presentation Appears To Melt Away With Just A Splash Of Water

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Melania Trump is unlike her husband when it comes to talking to the masses, as she uses a script and sticks to it when she shares her message. The “seemingly stern and rehearsed image” of Melania Trump is the one most Americans have grown accustomed to, suggests Bustle.

Rare glimpses of Melania being caught off-guard and without a script have emerged in the past, but they’ve been few and far between. Melania appeared to drop her guard at the White House Easter Egg Roll while she was interacting with the children, which is one of the events cited in a report today.

A “Melania Trump moment that showed a side of her we never see” is a side that Bustle has spotlighted today. The First Lady met with a group of middle school kids at the White House on Monday and she shared a “feelings” exercise with the kids.

In a classroom-like setting with 13 kids in attendance, Melania asked the students to write a word on the board that described how they were “feeling.” She got some great responses including “respected,” “nervous,” and “grateful.” But it was the one young man who wrote the word “energized” that seemingly did just that for Melania with his next unexpected move. The First Lady suddenly switched modes and the real uninhibited Melania Trump emerged, suggests Bustle.

On his way back to his seat, the young boy accidentally knocked a glass of water off the table. Melania immediately switched into a mom-like mode and while placing her hand on his back, she told this young man, “No problem. Don’t worry, it’s just a water, OK?”

Melania Trump
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While this is something many parents have repeated to their kids numerous times since the drinking glass was first invented, this short-lived event reportedly offered a bit more information about Melania to the masses. It wasn’t what Melania said that conjured up a lot of interest. It was reportedly how she said it that sparked some thoughts on the First Lady’s message behind her behavior.

The calmness that came over the First Lady even as the cameras were rolling was reportedly a side of Melania that’s seldom ever seen. Bustle suggests that Melania appeared calm even though it was the same day that the FBI raided her husband’s personal lawyer’s office. That moment between the young boy and Melania “was unique given her generally formal demeanor.” suggests Bustle.

According to this latest report, Melania changed and suddenly she was no longer that woman who some people see as rather “robotic” during her speaking engagements. She was no longer that person relying on her script in tow for her talking points. Melania was suddenly a woman whose usual stoic and strict persona had seemingly melted away over a splashed glass of water. Perhaps the most interesting thing that Bustle was able to derive from Melania’s newly emerged demeanor was that she appeared to be passing along a message to the nation.

They suggest, “Maybe during this tumultuous time — with the Donald Trump-Russia investigation intensifying and an alleged affair her husband had with an adult film star making headlines — the first lady was trying to tell everyone that everything is going to be OK.”

The Express also makes a point of how Melania hosted these kids at the White House “amid a media storm.” They also made this observation, “While her husband is embroiled in scandals with porn star Stormy Daniels and making a statement on Syria, the First Lady appeared in a red top and denim skirt to talk to students.” From her appearance, it didn’t appear that the latest headlines were going to stop her from carrying on with the tasks at hand, which included this public appearance.

It seems that a glass of water getting knocked over was just a spilled glass of water to some people today. But Bustle suggests that if you take a good look at the scene there was so much more in that “unique moment” going on other than just water spilling.