‘Counting On’ John David Duggar Reportedly Distancing Himself From Jim Bob After Clashes, Reports ‘In Touch’

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John David Duggar, the second oldest son and second child in the line-up of the famous family of 19 children, apparently isn’t happy with his father’s actions and has been distancing himself from the Duggar family. In Touch Weekly reports that an insider who spoke to Hollywood Gossip stated that John David has been keeping in the background of the show Counting Onas much as possible, mostly because he doesn’t agree with his father’s lifestyle.

After the 2015 scandal, in which it was discovered that John David’s elder brother, Josh, not only molested four of his younger siblings, but also slept with several women behind his wife’s back, he did state that he felt as though his brother had fallen in his eyes. According to the anonymous former employee of the Duggars, John David has become the moral compass of the family, stating that if John David isn’t interested in doing something, there is something morally wrong with it.

One thing he and his father don’t agree on is handling the family’s finances. John David believes that Jim Bob Duggar, the family patriarch, has been way too lax with his family’s finances, and that it could drive the mega-family into debt before too long. Debt is something the family preaches strongly against, and buying used and saving the difference has long been the family’s mantra.

John David Duggar, who celebrated his 28th birthday earlier this year, is much less of a presence on the show than his twin sister, Jana. Both, however, remain single. It has previously been though that John David is busy with his own life and that’s why he hasn’t appeared on the show as often. As Jana is a female, it has been assumed that she hasn’t been as busy with the Duggar family as her brother as he isn’t necessarily tasked with raising her mother’s kids the way she is.

According to the inside source, Jim Bob is upset that he doesn’t have control over John David anymore, as he is now an adult. The insider also stated that Jim Bob is preparing for when he won’t have control over any of his children, which is very scary for him.