Microsoft Surface Phone Could Come As Foldable With Sophisticated Camera

Nics Abasta

It has been a while since we saw an update to Windows Phone. While there are rumors that Microsoft has given up on the smartphone segment, there are also reports that it is still working on a Surface Phone. A recent patent granted to the tech giant reveals that Microsoft Surface Phone would come as foldable with a sophisticated camera system.

According to Microsoft, the camera has to protrude from the body of the smartphone on the left side, which will fit snugly into a cavity built at the right side of the display when folded. It will also feature a head tracking, gesture recognition, motion detection, machine vision and night vision. The possible foldable Surface Phone will also include a sensor built at the back of the camera, which will support a fingerprint scanner.

Additionally, the dual display designed smartphone will be able to work with a keyboard and a mouse and support game controller such as Xbox.

Patently Apple believes Microsoft's next-generation foldable smartphone would be a disruptive force if it can be "sexy and smart enough." It could even win back some of its fans who have shifted to iPhones if it can offer "a real clean alternative" with a solid, regularly updated operating system, business software and quality games, among others. The publication notes that in all fairness, the tech company tries to bring something new to the table rather than copy its competitors. Offering something fresh to the smartphone realm would make it a real market disruptor.

Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied rumors about a Surface Phone.