Storybook iPhone App Aims To End Needle Phobia

Healthline Networks has launched an iPhone app to complement its “Big Shots Get Shots” campaign. The movement is the agency’s attempt to help children overcome their needle fears.

The apps main purpose is to educate children about needles while distracting them while on the examination table.

The Big Shots Get Shots app tells the story of Pablo the Pufferfish, who’s afraid of his own needles. The app includes an interactive storybook, Jigsaw puzzles, and drag and drop games.

Nearly 50 million American’s are believed to be afraid of shots, which explains the campaigns attempt to get children over their fear early.

You can watch an app demo here.

Healthline Networks hopes that by getting children over their fear of needles early, they will grow up and complete their immunizations during recommended times.

In a Healthline press release, Dr. Amy Baxter notes:

“[One] approach is to let the child choose a distraction, like seek and find games or a favorite iPad app. The more sensations you can involve, the better.”

Children take to technology at an earlier age these days. By bringing technology to the task of getting shots, children may feel more comfortable.

We recently reported on the iPotty, which debuted at CES 2013, and now we have a shot app. The age of raising our children with the help of robotic nanny’s may finally soon be upon us!

[Image via ShutterStock]