Escaped Grizzly Cub Evades Animal Control Authorities In Florida

An escaped grizzly cub has managed to evade animal control authorities for days in Florida, leading officials to ask neighbors for help reigning in the 125-pound animal.

The grizzly cub escaped from a private residence on Tuesday morning, leading the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to start a search for the animal, UPI reported. The officials have now asked neighbors to keep an eye out for the escaped grizzly cub.

The bear, Booboo, is a domesticated cub that somehow got away from its licensed owners in Golden Gate Estates.

“We’ve had a couple calls but we have not been able to confirm what type of bear it was,” said Capt. Mitts Mravic of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “We do have black bears in the area … but we’re looking for a brown bear.”

The grizzly cub’s owner, Dexter Osborn, has two other bears and tours the country with an educational show, “A Grizzly Experience.” They visit festivals, fairs, and sports shows, the man’s website says.

Mravic said teams searching for the escaped grizzly cub tried to track the animal’s scent, but lost the tracks. They had originally planned on using helicopters for the search, but decided instead on a smaller ground search so they didn’t spook the animal even farther away, the Naples News reported.

They’re also trying some more unconventional tactics to attract the escaped grizzly cub. They’ve put out food like vegetables, marshmallows, and molasses to find him. They even put his brother, Yogi, outside in a cage in hopes of drawing him back in.