Cardi B Says Donald Trump Looks Like He Got Bad Butt Implants After Talking About Her Leaky Butt Injections

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Cardi B learned the value of a fake butt while working as a stripper. During a recent interview with GQ, the “Be Careful” rapper revealed that she enhanced her backside with illegal injections in the hopes of making more money as an exotic dancer. The injections potentially could have killed her, but she became a superstar instead. While butt implants most definitely aren’t the secret to President Donald Trump’s vast wealth, this didn’t stop Cardi B from saying that the commander in chief looks like he paid for a discount buttocks augmentation.

Cardi B cracked a joke about Donald Trump trying and failing to enhance his rump during her April 9 appearance on The Tonight Show. As reported by Billboard, she and host Jimmy Fallon did a segment called “What’s Up With That Coat?” The two took turns roasting Trump over a photo that recently went viral. In the image, the president is wearing a long coat that appears to be a touch too snug. Cardi B’s first insult referenced her efforts to keep her pregnancy a secret.

“It looks like me when I was hiding my baby bump,” she said of Trump’s tight jacket.

For her final jab at the president, she quipped that it “looks like they put his butt implants in on the wrong side.” You can check out the entire segment below. Jimmy Fallon also surprised Cardi B with a video of Donald Trump “singing” her hit single “Bodak Yellow.”

The rapper was joking about the president getting bad butt implants just hours after GQ published an interview in which she admits to getting illegal butt injections. Cardi B told the publication that she decided that she wanted a more substantial derriere back during her stripping days. She realized that the strippers with bigger butts were making more money and was hoping that an enhancement would help her do the same. She also revealed that her boyfriend’s infidelity played a role in her quest for more curves. According to Cardi, he cheated on her with a girl who “had a fat, big a**.”

Cardi B chose to go the illegal injection route, paying $800 to a woman who performed the procedure in a basement apartment in Queens. She said that she experienced “the craziest pain ever” while filler was being injected into her butt, and she revealed that she experienced five days of leakage afterward. Despite the discomfort and the oozing, The “Bartier Cardi” singer later decided to return for a touch-up. By that time, the woman who had performed the procedure had been arrested because her illegal injections had killed a client.

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During her GQ interview, Cardi B also talked about Donald Trump. However, instead of joking about the president, she got serious and slammed him over his proposal to arm teachers in response to the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

“When it came to the school shooting, that’s when I was like, ‘Okay, this ni**a really think that everything is a joke,'” she said.