Woman Left Infant With Severe Injuries, Frustrated From Getting 40 Minutes Sleep At Night, Police Say

Waukesha County Jail

A woman purportedly left her 2-month-old baby with a slew of injuries because she was allegedly only getting 40 minutes sleep every night.

Chelysey Zamitalo, 22, faces twin counts of physically abusing the baby boy and reportedly leaving him with two skull fractures, two rib fractures, a broken thigh bone, a broken calf bone in his right leg, and a fractured right hand, Fox 6 is reporting.

Lt. Kevin Rice of the Waukesha Police Department speaking to the press revealed that the infant had several other broken bones, including one that was less than a month old.

He disclosed that Zamitalo, a mother of three, had already lost custody of one child, prior to the new accusations.

On April 2, police officers were called to the Waukesha Memorial Hospital where staffers informed them of a baby boy that was brought in with horrendous injuries synonymous with child abuse.

According to the hospital staffers, the little boy was suffering from multiple injuries that included skull fractures to the right side of his head, a fractured right hand, two posterior rib fractures, a severe fracture to his left femur as well as a broken calf bone in his right leg.

Doctors would later say that the injuries tallied with the child being slammed on a floor multiple times.

According to court documents, Chelysey Zamitalo had offered a series of strange explanations of how the infant sustained his injuries.

Firstly, she said she tripped while she was putting the baby to bed and fell on top of him. The Wisconsin woman then changed her story, telling investigators that she slipped on the kitchen floor after spilling some water, causing her to fall on the child.

Chelsey Zamitalo baby injuries
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When detectives countered her claim that the severity of the child’s injuries did not match the alleged domestic accident, the Wisconsin woman changed her story for the third time, per a report from Patch.

Zamitalo told investigators that she accidentally dropped the boy from his car seat, claiming he tipped and “hit his head on the bar that goes over the car seat.”

The 22-year-old woman claimed she had left the car seat unbuckled and placed on top of a high chair. Chelsey Zamitalo told detectives that when the child would not stop crying, she had removed the car seat from the chair and placed it on the floor.

According to her, that was when the child tumbled out of the seat and landed on the tile floor.

When told by investigators that her car seat story was also implausible, Chelysey Zamitalo admitted that she might have squeezed the child too hard as well because she was frustrated.

Lt. Kevin Rice pointed out that investigations showed that the young mother was not sleeping well and that might have been a factor with regards to the injuries she allegedly inflicted on her young son.

“She was getting 40 minutes of sleep a night. It certainly doesn’t excuse it.”

If Zamitalo is convicted on two counts of physical abuse, she could bag up to 25 years in prison.

She is due back in court April 12.