Hidden X-Rated Images On Biscuit Tin: Folks Flock To Find Hidden Naked Couple In Throes Of Lust

The elaborately decorated biscuit tin of a popular product holds some very interesting hidden designs, which were purposely put there by the artist who created the tin’s design. He claims he did this at the time “purely for a laugh.” The country scene of yesteryear with women in long flowing dresses, children frolicking in the yard, and a kite flying high in the sky, is framed by foliage and flowers on the tin’s top.

The country cottage, the different types of trees, the lawn, and the walkway, along with the people in this image, are all elaborately detailed. But when you look up close, you can see some funny business going on among the otherwise picture-perfect setting. The tin was created by artist Mike Hill, who once created the artwork for the tins that contained Huntley & Palmer’s biscuits.

The tin was made in 1980 without a soul noticing those hidden X-rated scenes at first, and it remained Miller’s secret. He was able to create two more images for the tins with hidden scenes before he was discovered. While that was a few decades back, the tin recently emerged online as one of the most collectible tins in the history.

Once the tins were discovered it was rumored that Miller did it out of spite because he was made “redundant” at the time. That couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Miller, who claims he created the perverted hidden scenes strictly out of “devilment.”

According to the Daily Mail, Miller said he’s always been a “bit of a naughty boy,” and when he created the hidden X-rated scenes, it was not against the Huntley & Palmers Biscuit Company. He just thought it would be funny. You can view a large picture and a picture where the images are circled on the biscuit tin here from the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail reports that these tins are now “one of the most collectible tins in the world” because of those hidden images. It can fetch more than $400 when it is put up for sale or auctioned off.

When Miller was recently interviewed he said that he managed to hide inappropriate images in two other tins he made for that company before his shenanigans were found out. For those of you interested in finding these famous hidden images, the Daily Mail has mapped them out for you. The couple in the throes of lust is in the flower garden on the edge of the manicured lawn. The dogs that are having a good-old time for themselves are found prominently positioned among the tulips.

The couple is positioned in the background directly underneath the two children sitting in the tree and the dogs are in the tulips a little left of center on the lid of the tin, where this creative image is found.